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This accounting and inventory package has enough features
to be useful for any small and medium business. The software is easy to install
and use. It installs in two parts, Server and Client, and provides two elements:
Accounting and Inventory. You need to enter company details to use these
elements. You can use only the Accounting element while creating a company. A
good feature in the software is the in-built VAT support provision; it is
activated if VAT number is provided while entering the company details.


Standard Edition: Rs 6.990; 
Premium Edition: Rs 14,990
Server and Client Components
Contact: Atlanta IT Solutions, KerelaTel:
RQS# E21 or SMS 132102 to 9811800601

The features provided include Departmental Accounting,
Reverse Calculation, Edit Lock (locks records for editing), Foreign Currency
Transactions and Bar Code printing. The software has four editions targeting
different user requirements: SOHO, Lite, Standard, and Premium. The Standard and
Premium editions provide hardware locking also. There are a lot of features and
options provided for customizable reports. You can view reports for Sales,
Purchases, Creditors, Debtors, Foreign Currency Transactions, Fund Flow, Cash
Flow and other accounting and inventory tasks. The software also allows
customizing the Client GUI as per user requirements. For example the Tax field
can be removed if the transactions being recorded are not tax related. The
Software also provides support for multiple currencies and has a feature to get
currency exchange rates from the Internet.

Coming to accounting and inventory features you will find
options for initializing accounts, products, services, batches, budget, and
slabs. For transactions the software has options for Cash, Bank, Cheques, and
Purchases. You can also make a sales estimation using the software and there is
a detailed menu for inventory transactions also.

Along with detailed reports the software also provides
options for graphical representation of data. There is a menu for graphs, which
has options varying from Monthly Sales and Purchases to Inventory and
Expenditure Analysis. The option for data backup and recovery and the software
prompts to regularly back data after before a user is logging out.

Bottom Line: With a
sufficient features list, and an easy-to-use interface, the software is a good
accounting solution for small and medium businesses.

Anadi Misra

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