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The Aten CS-62B KVM switch is a control unit that we can use to connect with

two computers from single console (keyboard, video and mouse). The CS-62B has

two sets of cables and is easy to set up. It has a plastic body and is very

lightweight, so is easy to carry around anywhere. The main feature of the CS-62B

is that you can plug in the microphone and audio-out ports of your computer to

the KVM, letting you use the audio of one of them at a time.


The CS-62B setup is very easy because there is no software to configure. No

external power supply is necessary. The KVM can connect VGA and PS/2 keyboard

and mouse along with a microphone and a set of speakers. Cables to connect each

of these ports with the two computers also come attached.

While with the other devices, you need to press a switch on the KVM to switch

between two computers, but this device uses a hotkey combination from the

keyboard (Ctrl+Ctrl+Enter) for this. Two green LEDs on the face of the device

tell you which of the computers are currently being controlled by the KVM. The

CS-62B KVM switch has auto scanning, which switches between the two systems and

displays their output on the attached monitor at regular intervals of 5 secs. A

small disadvantage is that you cannot cascade this switch with another KVM

switch, to control more systems in a small server room or datacenter.

Bottom Line: Best suited for power users who use more than one system.

Price: Rs 3,000 (1 yr warranty)

Key Specs: Easy to configure because no need of extra

Meant For: Power users

Contact: Amit Rajpal, Tel: 9350173310


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