ATi X1950 Pro Graphics Card

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The X1950 Pro is a scaled down version of the X1950XTX and includes two

dual-link DVI connectors and standard definition VIVO support along with

CrossFire support. The Dual Link connectors double the transmission speed,

thereby increasing the signal quality.


A new feature with ATI, starting with this card, is the High bandwidth

Digital Content Protection (HDCP) support. HDCP protects integrity of content as

it is being transmitted by encrypting transmission. The X1950 Pro has a single

slot cooler covering almost the full front side of the card. The fan is located

farther on the down right end, making the noise and heating minimal.

All the game tests were done at 1024x768 resolution. It gave an overall score

of 4448 in 3Dmark2006, which is quite good. In Doom 3, the card gave 117 fps at

ultra high quality settings. In FEAR, we got 87 fps with high graphics settings

witout any AA/AF (Anti Aliasing/ Anisotropic Filtering), but once we switched on

to 4x AA, the frame rate dropped down to 48 fps, which is excellent. On the

downside, the card wasn't fitting too well into the PCI-E slot and tended to

remain loose. Secondly, this card isn't supported by the latest catalyst

drivers by ATi.

Bottom line: Considering how well it performed, the card is a steal at

this price.

Price: Rs 13,900 (3 yrs


Key Specs: 575 MHz core, 1380 MHz memory, 256MD GDDR3, Dual

Meant For: Gamers

Contact: Aditya InfoTech, Delhi

Tel: 26223810


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