From Azure to Pink of Health

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Solution Requirements

The organization developed a few platforms and solutions to achieve the efficiency and uniformity they desired. One of these new platforms was Apollo Personal Health Record (PHR) to help its patients receive, store and access all their health information online. The platform helped Apollo doctors across the country to access all relevant patient information on their official devices.

Taking the hassle away by streamlining the entire process, the doctors managed chronic diseases better as the entire patient history was available at their fingertips. Apollo also developed a platform for booking consultation. This platform empowered the patients by giving them the opportunity to book a doctor’s consultation online.

The company also adopted solutions for patient management, virtual consultation (video consultation with a primary or tertiary care provider), CRM, Business Intelligence, and more. Now, Apollo’s patients can keep in touch with their doctors even beyond their hospitalization and ensure that they are on track with their healthcare goals.

When Apollo was planning the development of these capabilities, they realized that the essence of these platforms and solutions would depend upon where they are hosted. It had to be a highly
reliable platform and being a healthcare provider, much emphasis had to be given to security as well.

Solution Deployment

Hence the first option was on-premise hosting. But scalability and affordability seemed to challenge this move. On-premise hosting would call for a major investment in IT infrastructure. It will not give Apollo the ability to easily scale or launch new services, solutions or platforms, as well. That would compromise the concept of building services that are ubiquitous.

This is when they started looking at cloud hosting. However, this time the challenges were deemed to be security and data residency. That is when Microsoft Azure started looking like the perfect option. Microsoft Azure is more than a cloud platform. It is a growing collection of integrated cloud services which can be used to build, deploy and manage applications through a global network.

Solution Benefits

Some of the benefits that Apollo gained from Azure includes:

Seamless Scalability: On Azure, Apollo has the option to scale up or down without having to worry about huge investment.

High Security: Azure is built around best in class security protocols and hence is among the most secure cloud solutions in the market.

Reliability: Azure comes with extremely high-reliability quotient, offering up to 99.9 per cent uptime. For an organization like Apollo, this is a very critical requirement.

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