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With e-com Websites popping

up like there’s no tomorrow, another business is gaining momentum–the

business of e-com Website creation tools. These range from basic to

highly-advanced ones. We reviewed e-b@zaar–a simple tool for creating your

e-com Website.


e-b@zaar can run on any PC

with Win 9x/NT. The idea is to first create your Website on the local

machine, and later upload it to the Internet. You’ll therefore need a

registered domain name and some Web space with an ISP to load your site. The

pages created by e-b@zaar can run on any server with CGI processing

capabilities. Once uploading is done, your site will be ready to sell


There’s a wizard to guide

you through the process of creating your site. This helps you build your

online store in just six steps. You can also preview your site before

uploading it.

Once your site is up,

customers can browse the catalog, make selections, and place orders. There’s

also a search facility to easily find a product. You can add new products,

categories, and even change existing product information with the help of

the Import bazaar feature.


e-b@zaar can support a wide

range of payment options, including all types of credit cards, invoice with

order, cash on delivery, check on delivery, and invoice and payment before

delivery. Payment is accepted in Indian rupees and US dollars.

You can edit the database

using Access. It supports around 10,000 product lines. You can change the

look of your site using the built-in themes. You can also change the page

background, logo, etc, through the Display option.


E-commerce Website-creation


Rs 39,995

Features: Built-in catalog;

various payment options; report generation.

Pros: 128-bit encryption;

support for 10,000 product lines.

Cons: Slightly expensive.

Source: Intelligent Ideas Labs

J 1916 IInd Floor, C R Park

New Delhi 110019.

Tel: 11-6222588, 6287783

Fax: 6287379




You can download orders from

the Retrieve orders menu, which is under the Web menu option. It uses a

128-bit model to encrypt the credit card details. It employs an encryption

standard called Diffie-Hellman, which is a public-key algorithm for key

exchange and is widely used on the Internet. The second model it uses for

security is SSL–an Internet standard for encrypted data transmission. One

strong recommendation is that you should make a note of the private key

generated by

e-b@zaar. This is used in encryption and decryption of orders. You obtain it
from the House Keeping>Security menu.

e-b@zaar can backup your

Website together with the database. You can also generate useful reports

that help you maintain your catalog, and process your orders.

You can also design your own

templates and themes. Overall, the product has good features and is easy to

set up. However, it’s a little overpriced.


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