Back To School Laptop Guide Like No Other

There are multiple back to school laptop guide available online but these are the things that you actually need to keep in mind.

Boudhaditya Sanyal
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Back to School Laptop Guide

Buying a laptop can be tough. There are multiple choices both online and offline. This can make choosing a laptop even harder. Gaming laptops are in trend nowadays, now more than ever. Therefore, it is very important to understand what you might need at the moment and what you actually want. This back to school laptop guide will be focused on inexpensive devices. Devices that are affordable and make more sense than buying an expensive gaming laptop.


One thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to back to school laptops, you can get a better deal by purchasing laptops that are used or refurbished. Rather than spending the money on a new laptop, you can invest that in a machine that is a few years old but still powerful. However, this doesn't mean that refurbished laptops are all you have.

Gaming laptops are great devices, but not ideal for students. You get a shorter battery life, they are heavier and can also work as a distraction. You are better off getting a work laptop and leave the gaming device for a completely different purchase. So what are your choices when choosing a back to school laptop?

The Budget Laptops


Multiple budget laptop models are making a comeback into the market. This is because not a lot of innovation happens at the budget range. Companies pour all of their R&D into their top-of-the-line products. There are multiple laptops to choose from in this budget. There are Ryzen versions and there are Intel versions of the same laptop. They might not be the perfect package, but they are good value for money. Laptops like the Aspire notebooks from Acer or the Vivobook series from Asus come under this category. Some of these models come with screens that might be too dim for your liking or keyboards that are completely suitable for long hours of typing, but the price that these laptops come at play a major role. Even in terms of availability, these laptops are more easily available online as well as in the offline markets.

Older Premium Laptops

The older in this category does not mean used or pre-owned, but devices that came out a few years back but still hold a good value. These laptops consist of the XPS series from Dell, the X series from Lenovo and the surface laptops. These devices are really good but since the company comes out with newer versions of these very frequently, the price of the older versions drops, but they are still good. There can be devices that are 3-4 years old but still good, this is because these devices were built to last. They are built better than the budget laptops, but come at the same price point. Another interesting thing is that since these devices are so common and popular, it is very easy to get replacement parts for them. Plus they also have good components like good screens, keyboards and battery life. You can not go wrong with these devices.



The thing with MacBook is that if you need one, you will buy one. However, this year because of M1, there are things that need to be addressed. To start with, Apple got rid of the butterfly keyboard, making it more efficient for typing. This also enhances the longevity of the keyboard and its keys. Adding to it, they have a very good battery life. When it comes to battery life for students, this is the best deal. It is a complete package for a good student laptop. It has a good keyboard, good battery life and is also lightweight. These devices also hold on to their resale value for much longer than most products in the market. However, if you are someone who is comfortable working on Windows, this can be skipped but taking a look at this would harm none.

These are the things that you should know before getting a laptop. There are multiple other factors like portability and weight, but that is all available online. The right choice based on your needs is what you need to make, and this back to school laptop guide will help you do that.