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Backing up your mail and user data in Eudora is as simple as copying files. That is the way Eudora saves stuff–as simple text files. The specific things you would backup (or copy to another computer) from Eudora are your personal and account information, address book, filters and, of course, mail. All these are extremely easy to backup. This article assumes that you have installed Eudora at the default location of program files\qualcomm\eudora. If not, change the directory names below as required.

Personal settings
These include your name, mail account name, POP3 server, and even the positions and sizes of your various Eudora windows. This information is stored in the Eudora.ini file in the main Eudora directory. The data for all the personalities is saved in the same file.

Address book
If you have created a new address book, then the new one is saved in the directory Nickname. There are two text files bearing the same name as the address book you created. One is a .txt file and the other is a .toc file. So, if you have an address book called friends, then the associated files are friends.txt and friends.toc in the Nickname directory.
However, if you have saved your addresses under Eudora nicknames, without creating new address books, then they will be in a different location. To backup these addresses, look for the files NNdbase.txt and NNdbase.toc in the main Eudora directory.

All your filters are saved in the filters.pce file in the main Eudora directory. (Yes, this is a plain text file, too.)

Every mailbox of yours will have two files in Eudora. Both will have the same name, one being an mbx file (yes, it’s a plain text file) and the other being a toc file. Backing up both these will back up that mailbox. But your attachments will not get backed up along with them. All attachments are saved in the Attach folder under the main Eudora folder. Actually, you need not backup the .toc file. It can get recreated when you order the mail in the mailbox in any particular order (say, by name of sender) the next time.

If you want to selectively backup mail, then you need to get creative, like creating a new folder, searching for mail to meet your backup criteria, moving it to the new mailbox, and then backing up that mailbox.

If you have created mail folders within Eudora, then each folder will have a sub directory of the same name with a .fol extension under the Eudora directory. The rest of the procedure is the same.

Other stuff
Beyond these, there are some other files that you may want to backup. EudoraStats.xml has your e-mail usage data. Your signatures will be in the sigs directory. Each signature will be a .txt file with the same name as the signature. Your stationaries are saved as plain text files with the extension .sta in the Stationery directory.

Here’s hoping that you will be happy with safe backups of your mail in Eudora.

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