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Did you ever think of backing up your Gmail, Facebook or Twitter accounts?
You might wonder why do that as these are generally well managed by the
respective service providers.

We’ll, they do take care of your data, but most of them being free services
don’t generally come with an SLA where you can go back and ask for any kind of
compensation in case of any data loss. However, there are many ways your data
can vanish or get modified. For instance, your account may get hacked, a common
possibility, or for that matter, the website may go down for some time (could be
minutes, days or even weeks) thus barring you from accessing any data.

So, taking a backup of your online data is very important as the data once
lost is not so easy to recover.

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and accounts
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There are many software utilities that provide services to backup your data.
HandyBackup, for instance offers data backup for homes, small offices, SMBs and
enterprises as well. HandyBackup Server, which is a complete corporate backup
solution include features such as MS Exchange Server backup, MS SQL Server
backup, Oracle, DB2 Data Server backup, etc.

Another solution provider called Idrive include features such as automatic
backup, true archiving, versioning, mapped drive backup, etc. Facebook profile
backup tool called SocialSafe allows to download Facebook friends, photo albums,
etc. Tweetake is a service that lets you take the backup of your Twitter

Sign in to the site mentioned
above. We have registered for 15-day trial period. You can also upgrade to
free, premium or the max plans.
After signing up for the account
simply activate it from your online account.
Select either ‘Services in Beta’
or the ‘Service Settings’. Click on ‘Manage’ and it will prompt you to enter
your login credentials. Backupify will begin with scheduled backup service.
You can also change the backup
settings depending upon whether you want to perform the backup daily,
weekly, etc.
Select your account & choose the
desired service. Select the file you want to take backup of from the list.
The file format is .eml and you also can save it and do modifications to it.
This is the preview of the file
saved in the .eml format in the previous step. By default it gets saved in
C:\Documents and Settings folder.
The History tab has the option
wherein you can select a particular service. Backupify takes 24- 48 hours to
take the backup depending upon the data in your account.
Change your personal information
like email id and password. As the trial period gets over, you can upgrade
to other plans.

Backupify is a different solution that helps you backup your online email
accounts like Gmail, Facebook, etc. With just a few simple steps and in a few
minutes Backupify backs up all your online data. You just need to login with
your credentials for the sites you want to backup and rest will be done
automatically. You can avail 15-day free trial on all accounts while Twitter
backup is always free.

Here we guide you how to back up your Gmail data.

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