Barcode solutions headed for exponential growth

Honeywell conducted a customer end-user meet which discussed the growth of barcode solutions and how it can help businesses that are based around it.

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Honeywell organized a meet to discuss barcode solutions

The humble barcode has been around for decades. However, as we are on the brink of entering the 2020s, this technology is going as strong as ever and barcode solutions are headed for exponential growth in both India and the world.


It was in this context that Honeywell conducted a customer end-user meet titled “Today’s solution Tomorrow’s Growth” at Ramee Guestline Hotel in Bengaluru at Attibele Industrial Area. Teams from both Honeywell and VMware explained the technology, products and market in great detail to an enthusiastic audience that led to an intense and insightful question and answer session.

The proceedings began with Honeywell AIDC APAC Enterprise Lead Sunny Makroo, who gave an overview and also talked in detail about manufacturing applications and solutions and later about the Warehouse Management System (WMS) along with their value drivers.

After that Solutions Architect Nijil talked about an end to end solutions including voice-based ones too. Honeywell delivers critical solutions throughout the supply chain right from manufacturing to logistics to the distribution centre to retail and on to the last-mile delivery and finally to the customer.


Customer Marketing Manager Dolly Choudhary explained to the audience why the store still matters in retail and management solutions related to it. 91% of overall retail dollars are still spent in the store versus online.

When it comes to mobile asset management, the Honeywell Operational Intelligence ecosystem takes greater control over all the businesses’ electronic devices, regardless of brand, across all locations. This cloud-based platform helps stores optimize device utilization, including repair and replacement. Mobility Edge is a unified platform for mobile computing that accelerates deployments, optimizes business performance, extends life cycles and strengthens security.

Even the QR code has become a big part of everyone’s life with UIADAI updating the digitally-signed QR code on the new Aadhar card to enable an offline mechanism to quickly verify the legitimacy of the Aadhar card. Honeywell India's first and only brand having STQC certified barcode scanners.


Workforce Transformation Specialist David Holland, from the VMWare team, touched upon the importance of the workplace platform. Workspace ONE is India’s first intelligence-driven platform. It is a rugged device management system that can manage and secure any corporate-owned, purpose-built mission-critical device.

Nitin Kelvekar, also of VMWare, revealed the importance of device market trends and introduced the Internet of Things (IoT) in the enterprise. That includes wearables like smart glasses and smart watched; peripherals like mobile printers and enterprise sleds; single-purpose devices like interactive kiosks and digital signage.

All in all, the solutions mentioned at the meet proved to be a great help to businesses around the barcode systems in this ever-changing technological world. The event was held in association with CyberMedia-PCQuest.