Barracuda Expands Storage Capacity and Performance for Barracuda Backup Solutions

Barracuda today announced a platform refresh for its Barracuda Backup product portfolio of data protection solutions

Rajkumar Maurya
New Update

Barracuda today announced a platform refresh for its Barracuda Backup product portfolio of data protection solutions. The new systems are designed to protect data for organizations facing increasing demands with limited resources, and offers IT administrators the ability to more efficiently plan for and support future data growth. The new Barracuda Backup appliances provide expanded capacity for physical appliance models, by as much as 100 percent more capacity on entry-level systems. The new platform also includes performance updates that speed up the backup, restore and replication processes. The capacity upgrades deliver a lower cost per Terabyte, and the performance enhancements allow customers to back up and replicate data faster, meet backup windows and get data offsite more efficiently, as well as the ability to restore faster in the event of data loss. These software performance updates are available at no additional cost to customers with active Energize Update subscriptions, and the new appliances are available to eligible customers with Instant Replacement subscriptions.


Increased Capacity for Barracuda Backup Appliances

By increasing capacity on Barracuda Backup systems by as much as 100 percent in entry-level systems and 50 percent in mid-sized systems, customers are able to efficiently manage data protection needs with a cost-effective backup solution, as well as plan for future data growth as their needs expand.

Performance Enhancements


As part of the appliance refresh, Barracuda Backup now includes performance updates that help customers backup, replicate and restore data at a faster rate. Additionally, 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections are now included with the Barracuda Backup 690, 790 and 890 appliances for a faster data transfer.

Ransomware Recovery

Barracuda Backup automatically creates updated backups as files are revised, and duplicates them to the secure Barracuda cloud. If criminals encrypt files with ransomware, once the malware is eliminated, the encrypted files can be deleted and then restored from a recent backup file.


Barracuda Backup is available as a physical appliance, as software in the form of a virtual appliance, and as a cloud service, all centrally managed from the same web-based user interface. Barracuda Backup offers customers a highly competitive cost per Terabyte, and customers with active Energize Updates subscriptions will receive the latest firmware updates as they become available. Additionally, customers who purchase and maintain an Instant Replacement subscription will benefit from being eligible for an upgraded appliance every four years.



  • Barracuda announced an appliance refresh of the Barracuda Backup platform, with updated units available immediately to customers at no increase in the list price.
  • Barracuda’s appliance refresh gives customers increased storage capacity, up to 100 percent in some cases, offering a lower cost per Terabyte and enabling more room for data growth.
  • The new Barracuda Backup appliances boost performance for faster backups, restores and offsite replication.
  • The new appliances with cloud storage subscriptions can now replicate more data to the cloud, with no increase in subscription prices. This reduces the effective cost per Terabyte of data stored in the cloud and delivers more value to customers.
  • Barracuda’s data protection solutions provide customers a critical layer of defense against targeted ransomware attacks. These new appliances reduce the time required to protect data as it changes, and reduce the time required to restore in the event of an attack.