PUBG Mobile Conquerer Tips and Tricks for Sniping, Sniper Guide and Strategies

Guide to Become a Sniping GOD in PUBG Mobile. Most sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile are bolt action. PUBG Mobile already has a practice mode. PUBG Mobile.

Sushant Rohan Singh
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PUBG mobile Sniper guide

Sniping is one of the most fun parts of playing PUBG Mobile. You can look at any professional player of the game and most of them will have a compilation of sniper shots. One of the most dangerous guns in the game is the AWM that only appears in airdrops and can take a level 3 helmet out with one shot. For most players in PUBG Mobile learning to do sniping properly is a given. Players will have to learn how to properly snipe opponents and take those kills to push rank and to increase their KD in the game. One of the best snipers in PUBG Mobile is the famous and rare Kar98K. 


Becoming a good sniper in the game is more than just taking a shot from a 6x scope. It requires good reflexes, spotting opponents, and most importantly it requires patience. Many times a player will take a shot from the Kar98k and miss it. Now every opponent will know your general location and you have missed your chance at a nice chicken dinner. So to help you get better at sniping in PUBG Mobile here is a simple but thorough guide. 

Guide to Become a Sniping GOD in PUBG Mobile:

  1. Observe your opponents. Once you have spotted a player near sniping distance just calm down and observe if the player is alone or not. Observing the opponent’s movements will help you take a better aim and not miss shots when you fire. Games like PUBG Mobile have an aggressive aim assist in them so take its advantage and time your shot well. Most sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile are bolt action so if you miss the first shot then you also lose time in loading the other bullet in the chamber.
  2. Always use the advantage of the high ground when sniping in PUBG Mobile. The best way to snipe is when you are hiding in a tall building and taking shots from a window. Especially when you have a silencer equipped. A high point of view gives you a better vantage point in the game. If you are in Sanhok map then use the cover of rocks and trees to give you a cover and then snipe.
  3. Your body position is everything in sniping. If you are crouching and taking shots then they would be more stable than taking them standing up. Similarly, if you take shots in the prone position then they will be even more accurate. It may seem annoying but PUBG mobile has its own rules and you have to take them into consideration.
  4. Use ADS or Quick Scoping as much as you can. If you can master this one move properly then nothing can stop you in eating chicken dinners every game. Quick scoping is when you spot a player and immediately open the scope and take the shot. This does require a ton of practice so be aware of that. The good thing is PUBG Mobile already has a practice mode where you can practice your sniping skills as much as you want to.
  5. Learn how to use claw control. This is something that will improve your overall gameplay and sniping skills in PUBG Mobile. Claw as the name implies is using more than your thumbs to play the game. Many professional players like MortalL also use claw control when they play PUBG Mobile.
  6. When you encounter an enemy sniper who has an AWM then make sure that you take off your helmet and vest before engaging with the enemy. AWM will take your helmet and vest no matter what and you will be knocked. So instead of taking the AWM with a level 3 helmet, take it off and engage with the enemy sniper.
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