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You can add some punk to your desktop using this smart blue and white LCD by BenQ. This punk is also complemented by a truckload of features and decent performance. 

Though it consumes more power than most others, it sports one of the smallest stands, saving on valuable desk space. But the price that you have to pay for this is that you cannot tilt the monitor too much, because it can topple over. 

The horizontal readability of text is decent even at large angles. 

Worth mentioning are its elaborate OSD controls. Easily accessible, they let you adjust everything from colors, luminance, geometry and volume of the inbuilt speakers. But they do lack a bit in ease of use if you have big fingers and presets for
different content like text and movies. 

It is a good buy for somebody who has a contemporary feel to the office with hues of colors all around. On the other hand it may be a plasticky misfit in a more corporate environment. 

With one of the largest set of usable features, such as inbuilt speakers, a headphone jack that is unique to this model, an inbuilt power adapter for less clutter it is a great buy in the price that it is being offered. This is what makes it the highly
recommended of them all.

Price :  Rs 21,500
Meant for : contemporary office desktop
Features : inbuilt speakers, headphone jack, built-in power supply
Pros : small bezel, good text readability at wide angles, 
Cons : unstable at high tilt angles, small OSD keys and no presets
or SMS 130461 to 9811800601

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