Best 7 VR Games For Android Smartphone with Google Cardboard Support

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The Virtual World looks more real when you play games or watch movies using a VR headset. Google Cardboard is one of the best choices, but there are numerous other options are also available to get into the world of VR gaming.

If you have an Android smartphone, you just need to spend in buying a Google Cardboard or another VR console that can easily carry your phone. And you are ready to enjoy the VR Games For Android.

VR Bike

VR Bike VR games for Google Cardboard

Drive fast or very fast on the highway with VR bike. It comes with speed evolution, begins from 90 kph to finish to 320 kph. It has 18 speed levels and 3 gaming modes including Easy, Normal and Hard.





Sea World VR2

Sea World VR2 VR games for Google Cardboard

This is only available for VR cardboard to enjoy various fishes seeing ads at free version. You can explore the inside of ocean world as a diver seeing a sunken ship, whale, shark, stingray, turtle, jellyfish, seal etc.




Galaxy VR Cardboard Space FPS

Galaxy VR Cardboard Space FPS VR games for Google Cardboard

A VR space flight sim for Android that puts you in the seat of a small space fighter. A pickup and play arcade style multiplayer shooter. It offers a fully immersive VR simulator experience with good head tracking, compatible with these VR viewers: Google Cardboard (without magnet), Durovis Dive, Fibrum, Color Cross and most other generic HMDs.



Wild West VR – Cardboard


Wild West VR - Cardboard VR games for Google Cardboard

Wild West VR utilities the power of Google Cardboard to put you in an exceptional adventure full of action and adrenaline in the Wild West. You are one of the most dangerous cowboys in the West and your head is worth thousands of dollars. During your journey, you find yourself in one of the western villages surrounded by bandits that are trying to hunt you down.



VR Jurassic – Cardboard Park


VR Jurassic - Cardboard Park

Meet virtual dinosaurs in real life. You can be closer than ever by using VR Jurassic. It offers three different modes gives you guarantee of ultimate experience. It gives you opportunity to spend a lot of time in this 360 jurassic production.



VR Hunting for Cardboard


VR Hunting for Cardboard VR games for Google Cardboard

Hunt in virtual reality while experiencing the thrill of being in the wild nature.Use your weapon to kill animals as much as you can, but be sure to watch your ammunition as you can easily run out of bullets. To avoid doing so pick up an ammo box while playing.



Nitro Nation VR Cardboard Demo

Nitro Nation VR Cardboard Demo VR games for Google Cardboard

Step inside the driver’s seat of a real Drag race car, presenting a DEMO VR version of Nitro Nation Online in 3D VR virtual reality for Google Cardboard. Players can expect a full version in the future and for the best quality VR experience, players are recommended to use a powerful or high-end device, this Demo supports Gamepad.


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