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ICICI bank was looking to implement tablet based banking to allow its customers to tap into the bank’s services from the comfort of their homes or offices. The bank targeted its account opening process for the purpose, where the average Turn-Around-Time for account opening was high. Out of the many workflows used in the bank, first time on-boarding was the most important with respect to customer experience and revenue growth. The existing process was manual, and required re-visits due to incomplete account-opening forms and KYC collections.

The bank decided to implement Newgen’s ZapIn, a mobile capture solution. Meant for the bank’s sales officers, the solution was installed on a tablet with a built-in high quality camera.

The Implementation

ZapIn allows the sales officers to capture the physical application forms in front of the customer and initiate its processing in real time. Depending on the application, certain key fields can be entered and images of Application Form, KYC Documents can be taken using the built-in camera and sent using a GPRS/3G connection to the back-office.

A key feature of ZapIn is its Quality of the Image Capture Module, which captures the document images along with metadata, do some basic imaging, and send the captured images over the network to a server where advanced image processing happens. The server element called Mobile Document Quality Analyzer does two things. One, it enhances the quality of the image by contrast and brightness adjustment, noise removal, orientation and perspective correction. Two, it analyzes the quality of the image to ensure usability of the document. This ensures that the captured documents always comply with minimum quality standards. The portable mobile stand is used to control some of the environmental factors such as ensuring stability of the tablet during capture and is also calibrated for maintaining the right distance to capture documents of different sizes.ZapIn is a highly secured application as it encrypts all data that get transferred over the network. Only registered Mobile/Tablet devices are allowed to communicate with the ZapIn server ensuring safety and security of customer information.

Company Scenario

Before deployment: The turn-around-time for the bank’s account opening process was high, because sales officers had to make multiple visits to collect KYC documents, get the missing data in account opening forms, etc. As there was movement of paper involved, the whole process was time consuming.

What was deployed: The bank deployed a tablet based application from NewGen called ZapIn, which allowed sales officers to capture all KYC documents and fill up the account opening form at the customer’s door-step. Data was filled up in the tablet and sent to NewGen’s back-end servers or quality checks and validations.

After deployment: The TAT for account opening reduced from 4 days to less than 24 hours. Training time reduced from 15 days to 2 days.

Implementation partner: NewGen Software

The Benefits of ZapIn

Prior to implementing the solution, the account opening process was a paper based process and used to get processed through various groups before activation. For an account to get opened in the core system, the physically entered data was re-entered in digital format which was scrutinized by a checker and then sent for final account activation.




After deploying ZapIn and making suitable amendments to the bank’s process, the number of steps have been significantly reduced by almost 50% reduction for the Account Opening process. The entire process is now done digitally and the data validations help in reduction of data entry errors.

As a result, the bank currently saves a considerable number of pages per day, which were otherwise used in the paper based account opening process. Mobile workforce training time has reduced dramatically. This has naturally had a multi-fold impact on the number of accounts being opened per day.Overall Impact

Currently, the bank is using around 2000 tablets in all the major cities in India. The solution helps the bank meet regulatory compliance norms, since each and every Account Opened is audited by a Sales Manager instantly. It avoids data redundancy, and the field level validations prevent initiation of account opening applications with wrong data.

The solution has helped to reduce operational costs related to scanning paper based documents. Since the accounts are processed in digital format, it saves time spent on movement of paper. Hence, the TAT has been reduced from many days to less than 24 hours. Customer satisfaction is obviously higher, because they get services at their door-step.



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