Best Podcast Streaming Apps You Should Definitely Try in 2020

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Podcasts for the uninitiated is a long audio show where the hosts of the show talk about a specific topic. Podcasts are long audio shows just varying from storytelling to discussing news and current events. Everything and anything can be a podcast. If you’re into cars there is a podcast for you. If you like Game of thrones then there is a podcast that talks about Game of thrones. Podcasts have become insanely popular in India as more people have started using online streaming to listen to music. 

Here are some of the Best Podcast Streaming Apps That You Should Definitely Try: 



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Spotify is best known by everyone as a music streaming service which is correct. What you might not know is that Spotify also has podcasts on its platform. Spotify is one of the best podcast streaming app on the market for any platform. There are tons of podcasts on Spotify ranging from small regional podcasts all the way to Joe Rogan. Spotify library for podcasts is huge. If you are using Spotify to listen to music then you should definitely check out the podcast library on Spotify.   


Google Podcast

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Google launched its own podcast app called Google Podcast. Google Podcast has a simple to use UI where users can find the most popular podcast shows in different categories. The app itself is lightweight and users can download the podcast episodes in the app. The biggest advantage of using Google Podcast app is the search capability of Google. If there is a show that you want to try or maybe you have forgotten the name of some show then you can just search in the Google Podcast app and you will find it. Google Podcast app is a must-have app for users who want a separate and clutter-free podcast app on their phones. 



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Castbox is one of the highest-rated podcast apps on Google Playstore. It won the Android Excellence best apps and games of Fall 2017 award and has been the most recommended podcast listening app. Castbox offers a clean and crisp user experience with tons of podcasts on every category imaginable. If you are someone new to the world of podcasts then Castbox will be the best app for you. Castbox homepage itself offers users with podcast recommendations ranging from comedy to true crime. There are other useful features like auto-download of new episodes, podcasts categories, and much more. 


Podcast Addict

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Podcast Addict as the name says is for podcast addicts. This app is not for the new users but for power users who know everything about the podcast they are listening to. Unlike other apps on the list, Podcast Addict is not for searching or discovering new podcasts but for following the ones you already like. Many podcasts vanish from platforms like Spotify and Castbox due to the hosting costs that are required by these platforms so many shows find cheaper platforms that are not that well known and share the RSS feed of their podcasts with their users. That’s where the podcast addict app comes in. You can enter the RSS feed of the podcast and it will show up in the app. The UI of the app itself is clean and very old school. It’s a very popular podcast app and has a loyal fan base as well. If you are thinking of having more of a power user experience then this is the app for you.    



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When it comes to the sheer volume of podcast library then nothing beats iTunes. Not a single app on this list can come close to the vast library of podcast selection that Itunes has to offer. If there is a podcast that is being made or has already been made it will be on iTunes. All podcasters want their content to be listened to by a large audience that iTunes can offer them. iTunes is the youtube of podcasts. 


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