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Kingston office

A free android app to view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. You can save files over cloud, send files or text as an email attachment besides exporting to PDF. You can also create .txt file, do word count, sort content and view files on full screen mode. It also allows you save files in all possible document type such as .doc, .docx, .txt, .xls, .xlsx, ppt and .pptx.

It works well in both portrait and landscape modes. It has auto-spell correct but lacks cut-paste option.

Bottom-line: The freely available Office suite is worth using as a word processor and for spread sheets, but not recommended for making presentations.

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A complete office suite for creating and editing documents on your iPad. It is a combination of three separate apps: Pages, Numbers and Keynote, each of them including every possible advanced feature. It is the only application that automatically saves your changes. Also, you can export files as PDF, send as email, access files from iDesk, WebDAV etc and print your documents through wireless printers. The iWork works best in portrait mode but shrinks in landscape mode and also it does not offers you access from cloud storage such as Google Docs, etc.

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Bottom-line : iWork for iOS is a must-have application for professional iPad users. If you don’t want all three apps then you can pay for the one you think would be helpful and get smart office for editing other files.

Piscel Smart Office 2

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It is the only office suite for Android which allows viewing documents in 3D. It supports export of documents as .pdf along with drag and drop contents in a document file. SmartOffice 2 allows you to send and receive your files through email and Bluetooth. You can easily access your files from Dropbox and Google Docs, edit and save them. There are 12 default templates available for creating any type of file. Apart from the basic text formatting it also allows you to color and highlight text, insert images, hyperlinks, auto-spell correct. However, it does not offer word count which is present in Documents To Go and Kingsoft Office.

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Bottom-line: One of the best office suites with advanced features such as wireless printing, pdf exporter, drag and drop facility, but lacks some common features in spread sheet.

Piscel Smart Office

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Smart Office from Piscel is the cheapest office suite available for iOS. The application is available at only Rs. 55. The office suite is capable of viewing, creating and editing MS Office documents, reading PDF files, accessing documents from cloud and sending files as email. It has the most advanced default templates for users to understand its usage and compatibility. Similar to iWork, QuickOffice and Office2 HD, this suite also offers basic text formatting, auto-spell check, and other text editing features. It is the only suite for iPad which offers drag and drop facility in a document.

Bottom-line: The suite lacks in features as compared to iWork or Quick Office or Office2 HD. But if you don’t want to spend then this will best suite you.

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