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Kumar N
Doshi, CEO, 5Star (Broadband ISP), Mumbai
One-way satellite
The best Internet connectivity for remote areas is provided by one-way satellite bandwidth. Uplink should be through ISDN dial-up or a 64/128kbps leased line. The cost of equipment for one-way satellite bandwidth will be in tune of Rs 50,000 only. A 512 kbps leased Internet connection with ISDN uplink can be set up quickly at a low fixed and operational cost. One-way satellite bandwidth is available in C as well as KU band and requires only a 6’ antenna. One-way satellite connection comes with a fixed IP address. Hence, remote administration of server is very easy.
Shankar, Network Administrator, EFX – Mumbai
Wireless broadband
Since Alfred’s college is almost 150 km away from
Mumbai, the cost of running a leased line will cost a bomb. A viable alternative to the same would be Wireless Broadband. This service is offered by many leading ISPs in the country like Sify and Primus. The cost of having a wireless broadband is cheaper than a leased line, as there are no charges for leasing. Ideally, a recommended bandwidth for this set up would be 512 kbps and above, again based on the cost. IP Sub-netting is the next most important thing to be considered after Internet connectivity. The network must be sub-netted into three separate networks. 
A subnet for administrative staff and teachers, A subnet for all student machines, A subnet for the DMZ (de-militarized zone for Web and mail servers).
Sen, Technology Consultant, Sunrise Worldwide, Calcutta
Considering the distance and that Internet access need to be controlled at some point of time it would be better to start of with DOD ISDN (64/128). Should the demand increase beyond this bandwidth, then a 1:4 shared leased line could be used. As it’s a college, the usage would only be heavy during certain times of the day (say 10 am—1 pm and 3 pm—5 pm). There would be very little use of bandwidth the rest of the time.
Shankar, Network Administrator, EFX – Mumbai
MTNL leased line
If you are 150 km away from
Mumbai, the better choice for getting a leased line is getting a lease line from your nearest MTNL exchange which will give you the service within your college radius it self. I would suggest buying 512 kbps for 100 Nodes. That will cost around Rs 48,000 per month. 
For buying Internet connectivity you have three choices.
Leased Line, MLLN (Multi Leased Line Network) limited to 6 km radius, DIAS ( Direct Internet Access 
Services ) provided by MTNL ( just confirm the service with MTNL).


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