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Here we have a software to manage all the daily needs of cyber café or gaming café owners. Cyber Café Pro 5 is a simple yet feature rich application which can be set up on the PROXY server in a cyber café and rest of the PCs can have the client version installed on them. The owners of the cyber café can keep track of their customers and have full control over each PC available in the cyber café.

The application keeps an eye on all the PCs being used, and also shows the PCs that are not being used but are on the network. The administrator also has the option to shutdown, reboot any PC at any time, which gives him control over his PCs so that customers don’t misuse them.

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Applies To:
Café Owners
Price: $179
USP: Manage PC usage in a café
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Here is what needs to be done to get going and have a more secured and controlled café environment:

Download and install

Cyber Café Pro 5 is available for $179 from After purchasing you would need to download two executables. There’s the Main Control station for the main admin server and the Client station that needs to be put on rest of the PCs in the café. After installing the Main Control station on the server run it and the Cyber Café Pro 5 interface will open up through which the administrator can setup and control rest of the PCs. Through the Client station, customers get billed and the information is also shown up on the server.

Setting up

Once both Client stations and Main Control station are
installed and running, go to the Main station and click on the
Login button on the top bar to enable all the options. Now you are ready to setup the application
according to your needs.

Setting up client PCs
Click on the Admin button under Login button which will take you to the Admin screen. Click on Setup and Client settings which will bring out the Client setting window, through which the security options can be enabled or disabled. Clicking on the Security tab, administrator can decide whether users can access any hard disk drives on the client PCs or not, CD drives can be disabled and access to any client PC’s control panel can also be taken away.

In the System settings tab, PC speaker/system sounds can be enabled or disabled when a user is logged in, options such as rebooting or locking after each session and chat between various café PCs can be altered. Various IE options can be changed by clicking on the Internet Explorer tab in the Client settings window. Via which the administrator can decide whether the customers can download files to their PCs, can access Internet Explorer options, can open files in Internet Explorer or disable save as dialogue box.

The administrator can set
the client PC settings from the main server through the Cyber Café Pro Main
Control Station

Moreover, you can also give a common default access password to all the client machines in the Client settings window. Once you have done this, click on OK to save settings, which will reboot the client PCs. After reboot all the settings will be applied to the client PCs and they will run according to set settings by the administrator.

Backup database

The administrator can backup the database where all the user accounts are stored on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. We recommend taking data backups daily. To backup the database click on the Admin button, then click on Setup and in it click on Database which will pop out the Database window. Where you can set when and at what time the database will be saved daily, the path where it will be saved and a password can also be kept. Once you have done this, click on OK to save settings.

Similarly chat configurations, wake on LAN and pricing can also be setup by clicking on them under the Admin screen by the administrator.

Initially, the
administrator assigns random passwords to users. Users can then change their
respective passwords from the client machines

Setting up user accounts

Users cannot setup there own account. The café administrator would need to do this through the Main server control panel. Click on Accounts button next to Admin button. Then click on Create, to create a user account. A new window will pop out where you can key in all the details of the user and give him a user name and password as per there choice. (Passwords can be later changed by the users on the client PCs.)

Here the admin can enable or disable features like giving permanent discount to the user, unlimited access and allow the user to enter into overtime mode. This means that when the users’ balance or time gets over, even then they won’t be automatically logged out and will still be able to use the services. Once you have keyed in the details, click on OK. After which a new window will appear where you can see the total price with discount (if any). Click on Enter to finish.

Users will be shown in the Accounts screen and can be edited by double clicking on the Name. Where you can filter out accounts based on usage, activity and show if the user is online or offline.

Client PC setup

Once you have installed the client version of the application on the client PCs, the users can simply log in with their user names and passwords. Once they are logged in they can click on Internet Explorer button to browse the Web. Or, click on Games to play games available on the PC. The administrator can also log in directly on the client PC with the admin username and password set on the Main server PC.

Once a user is logged into a client PC, an icon will automatically be visible on the main server PC interface. Through which the administrator can keep a check on the user’s activities, log them off and reboot a single PC or all the PCs together.

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