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Sometimes, MS Outlook users need to store their mails,
contacts and customer information to a database . Genius Connect allows
you to do so. Once installed, you get its toolbar in MS-Outlook. You can
configure it by opening the mail client and selecting ‘Genius Connect Setup’
tool from the toolbar. You can download its demo copy from
. Once installed, you will get its toolbar in Outlook. To start using it, you
need database connectivity drivers for the database you are connecting to. 

Desktop users
Transferring MS-Outlook data in your own separate database
genius connect

example, if you are using MYSQL, install MYSQL ODBC drivers on your machine.
After that you need to configure the driver, so that Genius Connect can
establish connectivity between MS-Outlook and the database. Having done this,
your system is now ready to use Genius connect. Here, we show you how to copy
contact information from MS Outlook to MS Access database. To achieve this, we
used the default ODBC Connect string from Genius Connect.



This is the configuration screen for Genius Connect. It has five tabs: Options, Databases, Synchronize, Register and About & Contact Info. We copied contacts to a database


Click the database tab and double click on Contacts to transfer to the RDBMS. This will open a window to configure the ODBC for your database
3 Select data source and click Import to add script to create structure in the database. Here we selected Contacts.ini.


To transfer data, select ‘Store All’ from MS Outlook to save data to your database. This screen shows data transfer

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