BGMI Game Guide: Understanding the Roles in a Squad

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A squad is a very important aspect of Battlegrounds Mobile India. However, there are some roles and responsibilities that every player needs to take up to make sure that the whole squad performs in a functional manner. This BGMI game guide will help you know about it.

There are 4 major roles in a squad: The Fragger, the in-game leader, the sniper and the healer. There are multiple other roles that players can take up but these are the main ones that matter.

The Fragger

The fragger or assaulter is the player who is responsible for the attack on the enemies. This player needs to be at the forefront of the attack. The main responsibility of the fragger is to move towards the enemy and create an opening for the other players of the team. The player who is taking up the responsibility of the fragger needs to be quick with movements and have fast reflexes in the game. Faster movements help the players to move around the map and towards the enemy in a faster and swifter manner. Fast movements in close range can also help you dodge a lot of bullets and take the enemy out before you can be killed by the enemy.

In-Game Leader

This is one of the most important roles in a squad in BGMI. The in-game leader needs to come with strategies, rotations and exit routes. This player is responsible for strategizing the attack along with deciding on drop locations. The in-game leader needs to be very experienced and should have a good understanding of the game and the map. This is the only way in which the player can take the team forward and convert a match into a good and successful match for the entire squad.


Sniper is one of the most underrated roles in a squad. BGMI is not all about assaulting and using automatic guns. Most players and squads do not realize the importance of a sniper. The sniper is capable of picking up knocks and kills at a distance. This role takes a lot of patience and precision, and not a lot of players can execute the role very well. The sniper of the team needs to be very good with all the sniper rifles and needs to make sure that the position of the team is not compromised if there is mis-hit. Since this role needs a one-shot, one kill precision, it can be very hard for players to perform under this kind of pressure, but it can also be very rewarding for the player as well as the team.

The Healer

This player always needs to be in cover and support the team. The main task of this player is to have a good stock of supplies like health kits, medkits, painkillers, etc. It is also one of the responsibilities of this player to revive the knocked out players. The healer needs to make sure that they are always in cover, and near the other players of the team for extending support. There should be no revive done in the open, every player should be revived in a cover. It is also a very selfless role where you run a high risk of being knocked or killed.

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