BGMI vs FAU-G: What Does the Future Have for FAU-G

BGMI vs FAU-G debate is coming to an end very soon. BGMI has seen over 20 million pre-registrations before the launch. Here is all you need to know.

Boudhaditya Sanyal
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The Indian gaming community has been looking for the next big break for quite some time now. The last ray of hope that came the community's way was PUBG Mobile. However, the ban imposed on the game in September'20 shook the Indian eSports community. The mobile eSports community showed support for the decision as it was done to protect the privacy of the people and the nation, but the search for the next big title was still on.


The Build-Up of FAU-G

The community and the people were desperately waiting for something to come their way. A lot of eSports players voiced their opinions about the ban of PUBG Mobile and the potential that was lost with the ban. A new title was needed, that is when nCore games, an Indian game development company, along with Akshay Kumar announced a game named Fearless and United Guard (FAU-G). The resemblance of the name with PUBG was uncanny. The community and the people were looking forward to it being the Indian alternative to the internationally famous game, PUBG. The game was supposed to be a multiplayer title but to take a triple-A mobile gaming title head-on, would not be an easy task.

The Launch of FAU-G


The stage was set. nCore games had announced the launch date of the game. The game was supposed to launch on 26 January 2021 and the hype around it was ecstatic. The game was supposed to take the players through the journey of an Indian Armed Force Personnel. It was also supposed to have a multiplayer mode for players to enjoy the game with friends. It seemed like India's own alternative of PUBG Mobile was on its way.

On the day of the launch, a number of gamers and influencers along with common players and enthusiasts downloaded the game. The game did not come out as expected.

The Drawbacks of FAU-G


One of the major drawbacks of FAU-G was its incompletion. The game was launched with only the single-player mode. The developers had promised a multiplayer experience which they had failed to keep. The game had a campaign mode or single-player mode of only 30 minutes. The graphics were choppy and so was the gameplay. The game got a lot of backlashes and is to date a single-player game.

Announcement of BGMI

The Indian gaming community was still waiting for a PUBG like game to launch. The players, community and fans understood and continue to understand the eSports potential of the nation. To keep that alive, a platform is needed. The announcement of Battlegrounds Mobile India came as a ray of hope. The game, which is developed by Krafton, would be a version of PUBG exclusive to the Indian audience. There have been multiple teasers and trailers of the game. The involvement of big creators and players in the launch of the game confirms that it will be PUBG Mobile in a rebranded version. Where does this put the FAU-G game?


The BGMI vs FAU-G Debate

FAU-G failed to leave a mark on the Indian audience. The game did not do justice to its claims nor to the armed forces of the nation. The storyline was repetitive and so were the missions. The fact that the game has a playtime of a total of 30 minutes did not sit well with the audience. The game was neither engaging nor challenging to play. It had no room for strategic thinking or even analysis. It was a simple, straightforward game and failed to stay on people's minds for more than a day.

BGMI is supposed to launch during the third week of June. The game is developed by Krafton and has almost all the elements of PUBG Mobile. The game is a rebranded version of PUBG Mobile and sustains all the features of the game. It will have some changes fitting the Indian audience but the core idea of the game stays.

The debate that started off as BGMI vs FAU-G is no longer relevant. BGMI, even before the launch, has outdone FAU-G on grounds of popularity and anticipation. The PR team for BGMI is successfully creating a buzz around the game and the community is waiting for it to launch. BGMI has also received over 20-million pre-registrations by players all across the country ensuring that the game will be given a warm welcome.