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You can bid for free and strike some great deals online onthis portal. Bazaare. com is a trading platform for buyers and sellers to meet.Buyers put up what they are looking for on the Website, and sellers go forwardto sell their product to them. This makes it a buyer-initiated website, which isa different concept. You must register yourself with the portal to avail all itsfacilities.

Currently, the Website lets you buy from India and the US. Itoffers many product categories like computers, electronics, office equipment,appliances, groceries, gifts, baby products, sports, and recreation. Sincebuyers initiate the bid for a product, the number of products in any categorydepends upon how many people show interest in it. This way, each category willhave buying groups for different products. The portal calls this concept”Buy ‘in’ Groups”. You can view the bids, join the buying groupfor products that interest you, and bid for them if you’ve registered yourselfwith the Website. Bazaare. com have tied up with 145 sites in India, which meansthat they are group-buying enabled.

On the other side, sellers can start “FeaturedGroups”,in which they offer their products for sale. There’s also a “HotGroup”that displays the latest products, the bidding time left, and the price.

There’s plenty of information on the portal to help youunderstand how it works. You don’t have to pay anything to the Website forbidding or buying. A buyer can bid for a product and if the seller finds the bidappropriate, he will contact the buyer and take care of the payment and deliverymechanism. The portal charges sellers a certain percentage (two to threepercent) as commission for hosting their product.

You can also earn cybucks (which means money over theInternet) on this portal by referring a friend to this portal or making apurchase through it. You have to accumulate at least 500 cybucks, after whichyou can redeem them for any purchase worth at least $25.

Vini Goel in Bangalore

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