Big Data Management to Maximize Business Benefits

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The growth and evolution of big data in the enterprise vertical is leading to a massive data explosion wherein, the major challenge remains to be storing enormous amounts of data in a cost-effective manner plus processing to get business benefits. We spoke to Mr. Tim Bucher, Senior Vice President, Seagate about the current big data management solutions and technology innovations.

Data management solutions to get max benefit

Mr. Tim Butcher, Senior Vice President, Seagate

Mr. Tim Bucher, Senior Vice President, Seagate

Every business is generating some kind of data and storing them either over the cloud or locally. Only storing the data is not enough, you need to use machine learning or artificial intelligence kind of technologies to get the max out of it. Accessing the data is absolutely critical, as there are different levels of accessibility. Seagate has various solutions enabling the business to access and process the data to make a decision on that basis. According to Tim “As far as the machine learning and AI are concerned, there are companies focused on it and we certainly working with them to develop their back-end solutions to help businesses, for instance, Google, Microsoft, facebook, and Amazon, etc.

An innovative tech to store huge data

Tim spoke about a new tech development at Seagate enabling huge data storage in a single drive. “We have some new technologies that we have been public about, we call it Heat Assist Magnetic Recording or HAMR that’s going to create another mini stack function in terms of capacity, ” says Tim. The new HAMR will offer tremendous benefits to the new world where we are headed. It would help to develop drive with more storage capacity, for instance, right now we can see 12 TB capacity in a drive that can increase by 20 TB or higher using the new HAMR technology.

Apart from this Seagate also has several solutions combining software and hardware to help businesses with their various requirements. These solutions are continuously being upgraded to meet the current and future business demands.

Solution for SMBs

The average upload speed is still low across the globe, and we have several regions that may not have significant upload bandwidth as well. The company has the complete solution for small businesses that can be installed so quickly with the investment of one-time fee. Also, Seagate has some high-end storage devices for the business who don’t want to use cloud services.

Tim also shares his thoughts about the cloud storage, “As the new technology 5G is rolling out, we believe by 2020 5G going to enable businesses across the world to have good internet access and businesses would move to the cloud. Because it has tremendous possibilities as compare to the local storage solution. For instance, if you store the data on-site, and want to process to find out what can help to make it more profitable. Then, the processing resources required for the same can come at the high price. On the other hand having the data on the cloud lets you access and process the data. And all these at the lower price in comparison to paid resources required to process locally stored data.

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