Bioinformatics-A Beginner's Guide

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No need to master or learn UNIX first! Almost every other book on Bioinformatics out there requires the reader to know UNIX first-this book helps you choose the right tools, use them effectively and analyze the results intelligently. The authors address common biological questions and projects. Also included is a short tutorial on UNIX and tips on Perl, Perl being the most

preferred language for developing Bioinformatics' applications.


The book is organized into five parts. Each part starts with one aspect of Bioinformatics. The first part is an introduction to what the science is all about and how you, as a reader or researcher, can put it into use. It also gives you an

insight into how other people use it. The second part is devoted to being your survival guide in the field, walking you through analyzing protein sequences without needing a PhD in the field. Then, we are led through analysis of protein sequence databases and aligning various sequence segments. 

In advanced techniques, the authors teach us how to work with 3D protein structures and building phylogenetic trees. The final part is devoted to online

resources and how to best use them.

Sujay V Sarma