Blizzard is facing an immense backlash for banning Hearthstone player

by October 10, 2019 1 comment

Yesterday we reported on how a Hearthstone player, Blitzchung, was banned by Blizzard for supporting protests in Hong Kong. Along with him the casters who interviewed Blitzchung. Well, the gaming community, and not just Blizzard fans, haven’t taken it lightly. 

Blizzard is being viewed as to have succumbed to corporate greed and abandoned the ethics they stand for. A tweet went viral yesterday which showed that the employees at the company had covered up “Think Globally” and “Every Voice Matters” on the values compass outside of the HQ. 


Supporters of Blitzchung are also trending Boycott Blizzard hashtag on twitter. Many have posted pictures of them closing down their World of Warcraft subscription and uninstalling, the developer’s games launcher. 

Kotaku earlier reported that college Hearthstone players held up Boycott Blizzard and free Hong Kong sign during the stream of collegiate Hearthstone Championship, after which the camera hurriedly swung to the other side. 

Also earlier yesterday, when the r/Blizzard had to face the fire and fury of angry fans, they had set the subreddit to private. It was later made public, however, with fans being more angry. 

That is just from the fans. This incident has become international now, with US Senators Tweeting about it. Marco Rubio and Ron Wyden both condemned this incident. And keep in mind that they are both from different parties; Rubio from the Republican party and Ron Wyden from the Democrats.  

If I were working at Blizzard, I’d really be worried right now since BlizzCon is in a few weeks. There are already talks on forums about staging a protest during the event.  

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  1. Ryan
    #1 Ryan 11 October, 2019, 12:18

    I submitted a request to have my BattleNet account and everything associated with it deleted permanently. I support individual freedoms and without the ruling of a communist government known for the slaughter of millions if not billions.

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