How to block ad tracking on iPhone

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The privacy of user’s data has become a hot topic nowadays. If you use an iPhone or a laptop and unless you are an expert in security, there are very good chances that your data might be tracked without you being noticing. And while Apple’s CEO Tim Cook boasts a lot of user’s privacy and security, iPhone users are not immune from this. But, there are ways you can reduce the amount of information an app tracks and the amount of data vendors can access.

Turn on limit ad tracking

While you can’t ignore the ads entirely, you can give advertisers as little access as possible. Limit ad tracking (LAT) will put an end to ‘interest-based ads’. These are the ads that are targeted to you based on your search history. By shutting them off, while you might still get ads, but the good thing is you won’t be pushed ads, for example, pet foods and other pet related ads, if you just bought a pet.

 Here is how to limit ad tracking in iPhone

Go to Settings. Select “Privacy”. Select “Advertising”. Turn on “Limit Ad Tracking”

If you use frequently use the Safari browser on your iPhone, here are few things can do to be have safe surfing.

Go to “Settings”. Click on “Safari,” and then scroll down to the “Privacy & Security” section

Turn on “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking’. Turn on “Block All Cookies.”

For uninitiated, cookies collect a great deal of information by studying about how you use a website, what info you put into it, etc. Thus, by blocking cookies, you prevent that data from being collected.

Turn off background app refresh

Apple includes Background App Refresh in iOS to check for updates and new content, when you an app isn’t currently active. While it is said to be in silent mode, according to the media analysts, the Background app refresh still collects marketable tracking data and transmits that data even when you’re not using the app. It’s not tough to turn off the Background app refresh and can be easily located in Settings.

Go to “Settings”. Select “General”

Select “Background App Refresh”

You will see a list of all apps that are turned on for this feature. Tap on it to turn it off.

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