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Many people today access their blogsites from their mobile phones/laptop
using GPRS. However, when it comes to posting pictures or video onto a blog, it
becomes difficult. This Joomla extension helps you post picture or even video on
your blog easily and efficiently. You can blog from an email client simply by
sending email through your mobile phone and the content will be automatically
updated on your blog. For example, you have a travel site in Joomla which you
update regularly. So, even when you’re on a sightseeing trip you can send the
pics or videos immediately to your site via an email.

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Applies To: Webmasters; Joomla
admins, IT heads
Bloggging via emails with Joomla
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MMS Blog joomla

The requirement for MMS Blog is Joomla 1.5 and support for ‘iconv’ which is
used for translating messages to UTF-8 for appropriate display. The installation
and configuration of this extension is easy.

Download mms_blog extension from
Joomla extension directory. To install this, go to tools > install & click
on ‘Browse’. Locate the extension and click on ‘Ok’. Next click on ‘Upload
file & install’.
Once installation is done,
navigate to component > MMS Blog. Here you can configure, view content, add
users and add email accounts to the MMS Blog.


Go to ‘Category’ and create a
new one that will be displayed on the site. Provide the title, access level,
etc and click on ‘Save’.
Next, create an account. This
will hold the information about the email ID from which mails will be
fetched. Provide the protocol, incoming/outgoing server, password and


Now you need to create users.
For this, click on ‘User’ tab and name the user you want to create. Specify
whether the content should be published automatically.
Once the configuration is done,
let the application download mails. Once downloaded, go to content tab where
you can view all the content.


If you want to edit the content
before or even after it is published, click on ‘Edit’. This opens up an
editting page where you can modify it.
Navigate to modules page where
you can find more configurable options for MMS Blog. For example, area of
the page it will be displayed on, number of items at a time it should
display, etc.


Once all the configuration has
been done, choose the best place to be displayed. By default, it is
displayed on the left panel.
Select delete messages, from the
‘Parameters’ option, else same email will be downloaded repeatedly and
displayed on the web page.

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