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How do you share photographs of your recent outdoor trip to all your friends? Most popular way is to ‘Facebook’ them or upload them on a shared drive. However, in both cases copying of your data leaves your machine and sits on third party server from where it could be accessed by others. This very issue of loosing data control can be overcome using Bracket which allows you to create a service of your folder (containing pictures) and make this service accessible to your friends, which in turn can access these services from browser.

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Besides this, Bracket Software is a collaboration solution providing features like Desktop Sharing, Hosting Web Services, File transfers, Messaging, Hotlinking network resources for one click access and much more.

With the increasing online population and lowering broadband tariffs bundled with high speed Internet connection, solutions like Bracket Webservices Framework makes lot of sense. Hosting webservices on local system has several advantages; user can develop any type of application/service and make it available on Internet. Local hosting of webservice offers endless possibilities since the applications can now interface with local resources (printers, LAN networks, integrated home devices, etc). One obvious plus is that no web space is needed which means no too much cost. One also needs not to spend on domain name.

Using Bracket, anyone with an Internet connection can now define her/his web presence in her/his own way. He is not limited by the range and type of services offered/supported by external service providers. One can innovate entirely new types of blogs, web pages, etc.

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Technical advantage worth mentioning here is that you are not limited by the technology and can now develop your applications/services in any technology of your choice. Servlets, Jsps, CGI, J2EE, .NET, etc are no longer forced upon you. Using the Bracket Webservices Framework you may even develop a Pascal program and make it live on Internet.

To use Bracket, you just need to download the light weight client (from, which in turn would need Java on the system. You can get more information on Bracket by visiting . Some of the ready-to-use sample services that are developed based on Bracket Webservices Framework can be downloaded from this site. After downloading the respective jar file the service can be registered with your Bracket client session by importing the jar. Importing the service jar and using the service inside your Bracket client session requires no technical knowledge and the tasks can be performed in just a few seconds using the Webservices Control Panel that is part of the Bracket client software.

Bottomline: This is really innovative but would need user acceptance.

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