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The Bravish PC RAID (Redundant Array of Independent (or Inexpensive) Disks)
is meant to increase data reliability for high-end desktops and low-end servers.
It fits into a standard tower cabinet that has at least two free 5.25"
bays. It’s made up of a case containing three lockable drawers, one for the
controller card and the other two for hot swappable hard disks. Behind the case
is a slot to connect it to the IDE bus. Once connected, the computer will see
this as a single hard disk.

The controller card inside mirrors both hard disks in real time. This is
called RAID level 1 or ‘Mirroring’, which delivers improved fault tolerance
at the expense of available capacity in the drives. For instance, if you use two
20 GB hard drives, then their total capacity sums up to 40 GB. Due to mirroring,
however, only 20 GB is actually used. If one hard disk crashes, the other one
takes over, so your work doesn’t get affected. When a hard drive crashes, an
LED starts to blink with an audible alarm.

When you plug in a new hard disk, the card will automatically copy data to it
from the working drive. You don’t have to format or partition the new hard
disk before inserting it. You can even use the system while the rebuild is
happening, and the system’s performance doesn’t go down.

This system, however, doesn’t protect your data from accidental deletion by
a user or a virus attack. Its installation is plug-n-play and requires no
software. Any 3.5" IDE hard disks can be fitted inside, but it’s highly
recommended to use hard drives of the same capacity. If the sizes are different,
then the lower capacity will be mirrored, and the extra capacity of the other
drive will be wasted. The product is OS-independent and costs Rs 14,950 without
the hard drives.

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