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Buffalo Nfiniti is a wireless solution designed for users who want to access

high-definition (HD) video, music, photos, participate in online gaming,

multimedia streaming and access VoIP calls wirelessly. This access point can be

used in home and small offices, where users need higher bandwidth over wireless

networks. Its key features include one click security setup using AOSS, support

for 802.11n draft standard 1.0 specification, built-in intrusion detection and

firewall, built-in DHCP server, support for dynamic packet filtering and WPA-PSK

(AES), and 128/64 bit WEP security.


How we tested

To test this wireless router, we used two client machines. One, an IBM laptop
having 802.11g built-in wireless card and the other, a desktop machine having

Buffalo Nfiniti wireless PCI adaptor. Both machines were connected wirelessly

with Buffalo Nfiniti access point. The access point was further connected with

an Ethernet cable to our 100Mbps LAN, which provided WAN connectivity for this


For wireless performance tests, we used Qcheck tool to check its average

throughput, response time and streaming quality.


We also did some simple file copying tests across wireless clients and

checked the amount of time it takes to copy 50 MB of files. With IBM laptop we

got almost the same scores as we usually get with an 802.11b/g standard access


On streaming 50 kbps data stream, it was able to stream data @ 28kbps, which

is an average score. On the same laptop when we copied 50 MB of files via this

access point, it took around 3 mins and gave a throughput of 3.6 Mbps.

However, on repeating the same tests on a desktop machine, which had Buffalo

Nfiniti wireless PCI adaptor, the results were astonishing. It gave us an

average throughput of 70 Mbps and response time was only one ms. While streaming

data, again it showed very good performance and was able to stream 50 kbps data

at 49.95 kbps without any data loss.


This shows that the device can give rated multimedia performance with its own

Nfiniti wireless PCI adaptor. Therefore, to access HD video and online gaming on

this wireless solution, you need an additional Buffalo Nfiniti wireless PCI

adaptor, which supports draft 802.11n standard. We also found that while the

signal strength was excellent, the connect speed was 270 Mbps. However, as the

strength deteriorated, the connect speed also decreased.

Bottom Line: A good product, provided you use it with its own WiFi


Price: Access Point: Rs 8,500;

Wireless card: Rs 4,500 (1 yr warranty each)

Meant For: High speed wireless LAN

Key Specs: supports 802.11n draft, multimedia streaming,
online gaming, inbuilt firewall and intrusion detection

Pros: Easy to setup

Cons: None

Contact: Advent Infotech, Delhi,


SMS Buy 130153 to 6677