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With ERP implementations reaching maturity in most industries, the amount of
data is growing by leaps and bounds, making it imperative for enterprises to
adopt BI and Analytics solutions. In the past few years we have seen major ERP
vendors acquiring or merging with Business Analytics solution providers to
enhance their product offering. So the four giants that populate our Users’
Choice Club this year are Oracle, SAP, IBM, Microsoft, and SAS.

The Users’ Choice 2009 award goes to SAP’s Business Information Warehouse,
which enjoyed the highest current ownership amongst our respondents, and also
had the highest loyalty relative to other brands. SAP also enjoyed the highest
percentage of other brand owners shifting in to it, thus making it award worthy.
While close behind at second place was Oracle that surprisingly had the highest
top of mind recall amongst our respondents. MS SQL, IBM’s Intelligent Miner and
SAS Enterprise Miner were the other brands that were in the league with the top
two brands.

So why should one choose a business analytics brand? We asked existing users
the reason for three brands–SAP, Oracle, and IBM. In case of SAP, the votes
were similar for brand name and product reliability. In case of Oracle and IBM,
it was largely brand name. Next we analyzed responses for those who’re likely to
purchase these brands’ solutions in the near future. The top reason for SAP and
Oracle again emerged as brand name, whereas for IBM, it was initial price.

In this segment it’s interesting to see that one particular brand does not
dominate across all industry verticals we covered in our survey; rather there is
close competition for presence. It’s the services and process manufacturing
industry verticals where SAP enjoys a stronghold. Whereas, Oracle dominates the
healthcare, BFSI and education sectors. While in the IT/ITES and discrete
manufacturing industries there is cut-throat competition for dominance by both
SAP and Oracle with both having almost equal number of respondents’ votes. Its
surprising to find that in the education vertical, besides Oracle, both IBM and
SAS have some foothold, but SAP didn’t even feature. SAS Enterprise Miner has
negligible presence in other sectors barring education and services, where it is
second to respective vertical leader.

Brand loyalty was highest for SAP. Amongst our respondents who currently
owned SAP, a whopping 55% responded that they were planning to stay with the
current solution that they own. While 4% of SAP’s Business Information Warehouse
users were likely to make a move to Oracle, and another 4% likely to move to SAS.
The next highest brand loyalty stood with Oracle at 38%, with 5% of its owners
likely to move SAP and another 5% to MS SQL in the near future. SAS should be
worried because only 17% of its current owners showed loyalty for it while 17%
displayed interest in moving to Oracle. A high percentage of Oracle, SAS and IBM
owners (52%, 67% and 65% respectively) weren’t sure of which brand to shift to
or had no plans of shifting.

This segment has good news for most BI players as the current ownership of BI
solution amongst the respondents wasn’t that high, thus opening up an
opportunity window for them.

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