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I can sync all my accounts…
“Much like Apple, the fact that now I can sync all my accounts, apps, preferences, etc and have them on Cloud will be the reason for me to upgrade to Windows 8.”
– Manik Kinra, Co-founder & CMO, Jade Magnet

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Interface, design & aesthetics are great…
“I would upgrade to Windows 8 because it’s a move to universal communication. It’s everything an interface software should be . It’s an ecosystem. The killer feature is its design and aesthetics.”
– Annurag Batra, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief , Exchange4media group

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Enhanced UI, Family feature…
“I would consider to upgrade to Windows 8 for various reasons. Apart from the enhanced UI, Windows 8 Style Apps store and integrations to XBox Live, it would be specifically for the Family Safety feature. The fact that I would be able to monitor and protect my son by managing his PC and Internet activities far more effectively is a clincher for me. As a parent, I find this feature a significantly useful differentiator.”
– T P Pratap, Co Founder – Chief Marketing Officer, QwikCilver Solutions

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Hot UI, No Boot time…
“A hot User Interface e,g ‘swipes’ replacing ‘clicks’. No boot time.”
– Pradeep Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director, CyberMedia

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Great UI & Graphics
“I would move to Windows 8 especially for the user interface and graphics. I haven’t gone much in detail but am quite excited to see a ‘new Window’ every time I start my computer as have been seeing the same old same old for quite some time. Also I am quite inquisitive to see how the Charms tab pans out. Am sure a LOT of research would have gone into developing it, so there will be some interesting features which I will know only once I start using it.”
– Yogi Shah, Co Founder, The Backpacker Co.

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New Metro UI…
“I am really looking forward to the Metro user interface in Windows 8, since with all the Windows Operating Systems, graphic user interface has been my favorite and I do believe that this new Metro UI is going to be a really great Killer feature”
– Vikram Kumar, CEO, Data Resolve Technologies

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UI, inclusion of Client Hyper-V,
supports for x86 PCs & ARM tablets…

“I would definitely want to upgrade to Windows 8, given that it supports both x86 PCs and ARM tablets which will help us introduce Windows-based tablets at my organization (Manipal Hospitals), helping them to act like smartphones. Also the touch-centric, tiles-based User Interface (UI) can offer the users a simple and intuitive platform while working on the tablets/mobile devices. One of the finest feature of Window 8 is the inclusion of Client Hyper-V, an in-built feature which will help us use Microsoft VM platform with minimum complexities.”
– Nandkishor Dhomne, CIO, Manipal Health Enterprises

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Shelling a few more Rupees is a pain…
“In times like these, shelling a few more Rupees is a pain. So while I would love to get my home and office some snazzy new windows, don’t want to pay any more. I just downgraded one of my lower end Win7 laptops to XP… it now works faster.”
– Pradyuman Maheshwari, Editor-in-Chief and CEO, MxMIndia

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Not a single killer feature…
There isn’t a single killer feature that will make us upgrade to Windows 8. But as a software company we need to be using what our customers are using, and for us that means a mix of Windows and Mac desktops and laptops, as well as iPads. We will upgrade to Windows 8 when we see that a significant portion of customer traffic on our website is using it.
– Abhi Vijayakar, Founder and CEO, Nunook Interactive

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Not good for power users, usability issue…
“I find the Metro (now called Windows 8 Style) interface just adding an additional layer of style but affecting useability. Maybe good for first timers but definitely not for power users who need a leaner machine that works with fewer clicks. Going to bottom left all the time and the ways to access Desktop, Control Panel, folders, etc is clumsy. I think the attempt to mimic mobile on a desktop ignores needs for power user. Will wait till I am forced to adopt Windows 8 due to market reasons.”
– Sanjeev Newar, CEO, Aarsh Management Solution

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Who Cares for the OS when you have browsers…
“In this world of mobile browsers, who cares for the OS and hence I won’t upgrade to Windows 8 just yet!”
– Akshay Shah, Founder COO, iWeb Technology Solutions

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