Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Radioactive is Live and the Update is Awesome

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Call of Duty Mobile just dropped the Season 7 update. The update is called the Radioactive Agent and brings with it a ton of new features and missions. Season 7 will go live on June 12. The release of Call of duty mobile season 7 was delayed due to the protest against the death of George Floyd in America. The season 7 radioactive update went live in South Korea first and now we have all the details what to expect in the new update. 

Call of duty mobile season 7Sushant Singh | Pcquest

The size of the update is 2.1GB on android devices and brings with it new multiplayer maps, expansion on the battle royal map with new areas, and a new class for the battle royal matches also a new tank. New characters have been added as well along with new guns and gears. And for the Call of duty pc fans, there is now the much-awaited gulag map too. Once updated the players will have a new loading screen as well. 

There are new ranked mode missions, a new rare weapon that has been added called Skulls & Blood HBRa3 and a new epic weapon called wasteland MSMC. Ranked mode experience will be improved and in the multiplayer mode defeating a higher ranked player will give lower-ranked players extra scores. Even the matchmaking has been better optimized now and players will be ranked in the multiplayer mode based on their performance. 

When it comes to weapons Call of duty Season 7 Radioactive update brings tons of them. There is a new epic weapon called the QQ9 Flood and a base SMG of the same name. The weapons will have a barricade theme and a new scorestreak called Cluster Strike which when called in a multiplayer match will cause continuous missile bombardment to a designated location. The new battle royal class is called Smoke Bomber. There is a new LMG as well called chopper which can be used for medium to long attacks. There is a new training mode now which was missing from the game for a long time. New players will now be able to test their skills and have a better understanding of the mechanics of the different guns. 

Call of duty mobile season 7Sushant Singh | Pcquest

There are new maps in the Call of duty mobile season 7 as well. These maps are available in the multiplayer mode and not in the battle royal mode. Players can play Search & Destroy Domination, and Attack of the Undead in Tunisia, the Beach town. Gulag which is a popular map from Call of Duty Modern Warfare is also now on mobile and players can play 1v1 duels and gunfight on the map. 

In the battle royal mode Call of duty mobile season 7 has added new zones called Black Market, Downtown, Sanitarium, Ski Town, Frigid Wetlands, Harbor, Heat, and coming with tundra vegetation. There will be vending machines in the battle royal mode just like there are in PUBG mobile. The new tank that has been added in the game is only available on the battle royal mode. The weapons will get new attachments like a tactical flashlight, Iron Hand stock, and a dead silence suppressor which will hide the location of the players on the map.   

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