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If you don’t like  live CDs because they don’t comprise of
the apps  you want or carries apps  you don’t want, then you must consider
building your own custom live CD. But, traditionally that  has a catch. You need
to be a Linux nerd to do so as it requires a lot of crypts commands for adding
an application to a Live CD. Here is a small Windows based graphical utility 
which can help you create a custom SLAX based Live CD with your favorite apps. 
The prerequisites are pretty simple. All you need is a SLAX base ISO which you
can download from and a Windows utility called
MySLAX Creator. You can download this from
Once you have downloaded them,  install MySLAX  Creator. The installation Wizard
is very easy.  Once  done, you will be required to download the Modules of your
favorite apps. You can find hundreds of  pre-created modules at http://www

Direct Hit!

Applies To: Linux users
Price: Free
USP: Customize a Live OS Primary Link:

Search Engine Keywords: LiveCD, MySLAX Creator


Go to, search apps based on
the categories or just do a search by the name of the app.


Once you have found the right application (in our case,
it’s Nessus). Download the app module to your hard drive. It should be a lzm


Start the MySLAX Creator wizard and give the path of the
SLAX ISO, you have just downloaded.

Browse to the location where you have downloaded the lzm
files. You will be able to select and add the lzm files to the build.


Shows all the modules which are already there in the SLAX
Live CD. You can remove whichever you want by selecting the file.


Here, you can set some common boot parameters, add custom
wallpaper for the liveCD.


Just click on ‘Create ISO’ and wait for the system to
create the ISO for you. Burn the ISO to CD/DVD & boot a machine with it.


You can see here the ISO has booted with a customized
wallpaper and Nessus as an installed application.

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