CES 2016: Lenovo ties the knot with Google to bring first Project Tango consumer smartphone

Lenovo is developing the first OEM Project Tango-Enabled smartphone in collaboration with Google.

Anuj Sharma
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Lenovo announced the development of the first consumer mobile device with Project Tango in collaboration with Google at CES 2016, Las Vegas. Available in summer 2016, the new smartphone powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, turns the screen into a magic window that can overlay digital information and objects onto the real world. Lenovo, Google, and Qualcomm Technologies are working closely together to optimize the software and hardware to ensure consumers get the most out of the Project Tango platform.


The Project Tango technology gives a mobile device the ability to navigate the physical world similar to how we do as humans

Google’s Project Tango is a technology platform that uses advanced computer vision, depth sensing, and motion tracking to create on-screen 3D experiences, allowing users to explore their physical environments via their device. Specialized hardware and software combine to let the device react to every movement of the user, when they step forward, backward, or lean side to side. App developers can transform your home into a game level, or create a magic window into virtual and augmented environments.

Project Tango-enabled devices can recognize places they’ve been before, like your living room, the office, or public spaces. Unlike GPS, Project Tango motion tracking works indoors, allowing users to navigate precisely through a shopping mall, or even find a specific item at the store where that information is available. Using the sensor in the device, Project Tango devices can also capture the 3D dimensions of the room, giving measurements that can be used to help you when shopping for furniture or decorations.


Lenovo is also calling all developers to submit a project tango app proposal for the chance to have app funded and featured on upcoming lenovo project tango-enabled smartphone.

As part of the partnership, Lenovo is also inviting developers to help grow the budding Project Tango app ecosystem. Project Tango’s advanced technology capabilities let developers create apps they couldn’t have before.

Developers can submit their Project Tango app proposals at, for a chance to win funding and the chance to have their app featured on Lenovo’s upcoming smartphone. The submission period closes on Feb. 15, 2016.

 The Project Tango Tablet Development Kit can be purchased in the Google Store:

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