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Chart 7.0 can display a wide array of 3D and 2D charts or graphs in standalone applications or in Web pages. It’s actually an ActiveX control (both 16 and 32-bit) that can be used with any IDE that supports ActiveX-like MS Visual Studio, Inprise Borland Delphi/C++ builder. It can even be used with languages like Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, JavaScript or VBScript. 

The program can also plot data that changes in real time. It uses double buffering and various fast update methods to redraw only updated areas of the graph. This makes the component suitable for applications like network monitoring, stock updates or inflation rate. You can also zoom, scale and rotate the graphs. 

This card is a CompactFlash card that plugs into your Pocket PC with a cable that goes into your cellphoneChart 7.0 has over a dozen 2D graph types. You can even combine different graphs. While playing with 3D graphs you can tweak parameters like meshing, shading, contouring and zoning. The component allows projecting of 3D graphs on 2D surfaces. Images can be used as labels for the graph’s axis or for its background. 

Chart 7.0 control is signed with VeriSign Digital ID that provides the end user the trust to download and run the control, when embedded on a Web page. Graphs from Chart 7.0 can be saved in JPEG or PNG format. 

Price: Rs 26,400 per license 

Contact: GrapeCity India, Delhi. Tel: 011-6463654/3661. 
E-mail: Sandeepa@

Shekhar Govindarajan in Gurgaon

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