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You can do many things with cellphone codes, and here are a few of them. Not all of them will work on all models though, so don’t feel disheartened if that happens. The way to make these codes work is like this: punch them in blindly, and your phone will perform the function mentioned.

Nokia phones
*#06# IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) information
*#0000# 1st Line: software version. 2nd line: date of software release. 3rd line: phone type
*#746025625# Checks if the SIM clock can be stopped. It is a kind of standby mode that will save battery. However, the
clock automatically gets activated when the phone is switched off and on
*#92702689# Here is a big one! A menu will come up with six choices. First, it’ll display the serial number. Second, the
month and year of manufacture. Third, the date of purchase. Fourth, the last repair date. Fifth, the option to transfer user data
if you have the hardware for it. Sixth, the number of hours the phone has been on. Some of these dates might not be displayed
if the information doesn’t exist
*3370# Enhanced Full Rate (EFR) codec activation
#3370# EFR codec deactivation
*4370# Half Rate codec activation
#4730# Half Rate codec deactivation 

is a range of handset accessories–fashion statements than anything else.
Some of these include flashing batteries and antennas, faceplates and
holograms. Flashing batteries and antennas flash when you have an incoming
call. These are mostly available for Nokia or Motorola handsets.
Faceplates are a way to show your moods and feelings. You can have any
number of colors and graphic designs on faceplates–especially preferred
by girls to match with their attire! Holograms are stick-on stickers to
give a personalized look to your handset. Again, available with numerous

EFR gives better voice quality compared to the half rate codec, but can cut down on the battery life. Your phone will automatically restart after you feed in any of the above codecs

xx# Here is a harmless little one. This will automatically display the number at the ‘xx’ position in your phone book

Motorola phones
*#06# Displays IMEI
[][][] 119 [] 1 [] OK Enable EFR
[][][] 119 [] 0 [] OK Disable EFR

Samsung SGH-2100/600
*#06# Displays IMEI
*#9999# Software version
*#0324# Technical menu
*#0523# Lets you adjust the screen contrast
*#0228# Battery status (capacity, voltage, temperature)

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