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Google Docs

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Google Docs is said to be the search giant’s answer to Microsoft Office. You can work on spreadsheets, presentations, documents, forms, drawings and tables. To access it, you just have to create a Google account. In other words, the facility is available free of cost. Since it is online, you can access your documents from anywhere in the world and you can also group them in a folder. Another interesting feature is that you can send the link of a document to any person having a Google account, so that he can also edit that document. This way you can share files and can get data filled by the right people. You can also upload any file or folder from your system. The interface is quite simple. You just have to select what you want to create–document, presentation or a spreadsheet. If you are creating a document file, then you can download it many formats-ODT, PDF, RTF, Text and HTML. However, when it comes to presentations, the format supported are .pptx, .pdf, .svg, .png, .jpg, and .txt. It will also let you see the print preview of the document you have created. Google Docs also has applications available for Android based phones and tablets. However, iOS based phones and tablets can use only the mobile web version of Google Docs (which, by the way, is optimized for iOS devices).

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Bottomline : A great online office suite that’s very easy to use.

Office 365

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Office 365 is an online office suite from Microsoft. When it comes to fonts and styles, Office 365 has much more to offer than Google Docs. It includes an online version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Lync. Setting up and using the Office 365 is not as easy as Google Docs. It has both the paid version and a 30-day trial version available. Before you start using it you have to sign up for the services and you are also given a domain name You can also configure Office 365 to interact with Microsoft Office installed on your system. Using its exchange feature, you can configure Outlook to be accessed online or on phone. If you are using Windows Phone 7 or Windows OS or Office then the integration and synchronization is good. Other features include: IM, PC-to-PC calling, video conferencing, anti-virus and anti-spam filtering. It comes packed with two different plans. One is for small business (Plan P1) while the other is for midsize businesses and enterprises (Plan E3). For more details refer to

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Bottomline : If you are ready to shell out some money, then Office 365 has much more to offer than Google Docs.

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Where Google Docs and Office 365 are limited to their domain, Zoho brings a cross-platform approach. It includes apps like word processor, presentation and spreadsheet, and the look and feel is more like Microsoft Office. It comes with only 1GB of storage but you can purchase another 5 GB for $5 per user/month. The spreadsheet program is ideal for basic tasks but if you want to do advanced calculations, then you might want to use Office 365. It can also export files in XML- based format and other formats like .docx, .pptx, .xlsx. Like Google Docs, Zoho also allows multiple users to edit documents simultaneously but one clear advantage it has over Google Docs is that you can share this document with anyone over email. The receiver can sign in using Zoho, Yahoo, Google or Facebook. For email attachments, you have an upper limit of 10 MB. One of the advantages with Zoho is that you can work offline. However, you would not be able to synchronize files, for which you need to use other cloud storage services.

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Bottomline : Though Zoho is multi-platform and has nice features to offer, you get more features in Office 365 by shelling out some money.


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ThinkFree comes in two versions: free and paid. To start using it, you need to sign up on the ThinkFree website. The free version gives you 1 GB for storing documents and it runs within your browser, giving you the same look and feel as Microsoft Office. Another version which is a subscription based, can run within your browser or as a separate application on your desktop. This application automatically synchronizes the files between your desktop and ThinkFree server. As we ran it for the first time, we found it to be extremely slow in downloading the interface, which runs on the Java Runtime Environment. This actually makes it sluggish at times. You can also share documents with others by simply entering the the email address of the person. You can also publish files to other users on ThinkFree, and also with Google and Yahoo users.

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Bottomline : Though it has decent features but at times is slow in performance.

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