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Visualize a typical contact center where you call and ask for a solution if
your PC or Laptop is not working. Or take an example of bank, where you usually
call or send an email for any query regarding bank statement, loans, credit
cards, etc. There are indeed multiple channels through which a customer can
reach a contact center. Apart from these, there are organizations whose
customers use fax, web chat and SMS to contact them. For example, enterprises
that provide support for products often provide a live web chat help desk for

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Meant For: Enterprises
Key Specs: Mailing, fax, phone, chat
Pros: Single and unified agent
Cons: None
Contact: Cincom Systems India, New Delhi
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However, given the plethora of means through which customers can reach
contact centers, it becomes really difficult to manage customers’ requests
including prioritization, taking requests to the right person and tracking them
individually for increasing the level of interactivity. Cincom Synchrony is a
software which provides a single solution to all the above issues. With its
unified agent desktop, enterprises can look forward for better productivity and
customer experience.

The benefits
Cincom Synchrony let’s you manage all the available channels from one single
interface with a complete unified architecture for your contact center. It
provides agents with a feature rich user interface that enables agents to view
details about the customer from a single tab. This solution increases the level
of customer experience by incorporating proper workflow and scripts into agents

Whenever a customer dials in to a contact center, the call is automatically
transferred to the appropriate agent in the contact center. It is also posible
that the call is first routed to an IVR and then to Cincom Synchrony. The
solution then decides which agent the call should be transferred to. Now, when
the call comes to an agent, a tab opens up automatically, and details of the
customer are displayed then and there. The details are displayed only if the
customer is an existing customer of yours; else the agent needs to fill up the
details for the first time. Apart from the customer details, Cincom Synchrony
also displays to the agent customers previous interactions with other agent
within your contact center. This helps the agent to know the customer better, in
terms of previous issues, issues resolved, etc. This solution also offers the
agent to schedule a call back for the customer. In case the customer is busy and
asks to make a call back, then agent can immediately arrange for a call back
from the same window. If for example, the agent who scheduled the call back is
not present , then automatically the next free agent is assigned for the call
back, and the necessary details are automatically displayed on the agents

When someone logs
in to the administration page of Cincom Synchrony, he is automatically taken
to dashboard, which provides a shortcuts to different option of Synchrony
such as, monitory, workflow editor, configuration, etc.

The unified agent
In a typical enterprise environment, all the customer related data are not
stored in a single database. Hence it becomes very difficult if the agent needs
to search for information -like customer history, knowledge resource, contacts,
etc, while interacting with the customer. Besides, an agent might also need some
other tools, such as conversion tool or rather a guide conversion tool. It
becomes really cumbersome to work around more than three windows on your

With the workflow
editor option in Synchrony, it becomes easier to customize the workflow
according to your buisness needs.

The unified agent of Cincom Synchrony helps in getting work done more
smoothly in your contact center.

Moreover this also reduces the costs spent on each agent for training them.
As they no longer require to learn three different databases or some other
application. In case you require any other tool than that can be easily
integrated to the Synchrony unified agent, with help of Cincom support.

Virtual Contact Center
Cincom Synchrony offers a great deal to the existing contact centers. The
virtual contact center is a hosted model offered by Cincom Synchrony. So if you
are looking for setting up a contact center, then in this current economic
slowdown, it’s better to opt for a hosted model. This will save you the cost of
hardware, software and other IT equipments, and also make the deployment faster.
You can have flexible workforce working from around the world. It gives you the
option of finding skilled personel from across globe and hence reduce the cost
of training them. As the contact center is hosted on the Internet, you can
actually implement work-from-home concept and hence save cost on infrastructure.
With the help of virtual center manager, you can view the details of status and
activities of agents in real time.

Cincom Synchrony provides you a very elaborative configuration manager. With the
help of this you can configure phone, fax, mail and chat session for the agent.
You can also create routing profile for telephony sessions. With the queue
manager, you can play around with agents. For example your organization has two
campaigns, and first campaign is experiencing a lower number of workforce
compared to the second. And suppose the second workforce has some agent free,
than you can shift those free agents to the first campaign and neutralize the
work load.

Synchrony also has BI capabilities in it. With the reporting and analytics,
it enables you to take detailed look on customer activity and let you analyse
easily. It also allows you to create and export custom reports for references.

Bottomline: Given the features, it’s well suited for your customized needs.

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