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Online collaboration applications are becoming increasingly popular. We
looked at a couple of such online applications from Citrix, which let you host
online meetings with colleagues or simply access your desktop from anywhere in
the world without worrying about the IP addresses or firewall configurations.
And, most importantly in a secure way, so that even if you log on to your office
PC through an infected cyber-cafe machine, your PC will remain least affected.
The applications we are talking about are GoToMyPC and GoToMeeting. Both are
Java based and load very fast. All you need to have is an Internet-ready PC, on
which you connect through the Web-browser.

1. GoToMyPc: With this application, you can access your desktop from
any PC that’s connected to the Internet. To start using the service, you need to
get registered at and have your user-account created. It is a
simple process. Then, you need to install a client on your PC. This process is
also not very cumbersome, as it is menu-driven. Feed in an access code (another
password) to your PC. On the remote end you simply access the GoToMyPC website
from computer with a browser, log in to your account, and after a thin Java Web
client launches, you’ll enjoy full access to your PC, remotely. It is
preconfigured at the highest security setting-AES 128-bit end-to-end encryption,
so you don’t need to worry about compromising your system or data on a public

Through GoToMyPC, you can
access your desktop from anywhere around the world with any PC connected to
the Internet

Incidentally, there are some freely available solutions like Hamachi, which
also allow secure, remote PC access. They also work pretty well, with the only
drawback being that you need to have it installed on the remote and host
machines. 2. GoToMeeting: It is a solution for online meetings, training
sessions, and collaborative gatherings. Anyone with a PC and an Internet
connection and browser can host, attend, or participate in a matter of few
seconds. GoToMeeting features an advanced secure communication architecture that
uses SSL and highest level of encryption. The Corporate
flavor of the offering, increases the number of attendees per meeting and adds a
secure Administration Center, allowing administrators to rapidly deploy and
manage multiple users and creates robust reports to track meeting and usage

Bottom Line: If you don’t mind paying, these applications could
effectively be used to work remotely on a PC or to have better collaboration.

Price: Rs.
8,250 (GoToMyPc) and Rs. 21,500 (GoToMeeting) annual charge
Meant For: On the move professionals; remote offices
Key Specs: Remotely access your desktop or have a Web meeting
with multiple users, share your desktop screen and record meetings
Pros: Fast to install and load, easy to use, includes audio and
video conference
Cons: None

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