How to click perfect selfies

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While an Apple a day is claimed to keep the doctor away, nowadays a selfie a day can boost you happiness factor. According to a study, millennials are expected to take more than 25,000 selfies in their lifetime, which comes down to one solo snap a day.

June 24 marks the National Selfie Day, so here, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks for taking the best selfies on a smartphone.

Use natural light over flash

Taking photos in the dark is hard, and it may be tempting to use your phone’s flash. But flash photography often makes selfies look washed out, and you can lose your background, or add glare to your face.

In dimly lit environments, low-light features such as Night Sight, Night Mode, can enhance brightness in a dimly-lit setting, but without the white-cast caused by a flash. Night Sight takes several shots and puts them on top of each other to get a naturally lit image, even in the dark.

Know your angles

Positioning your face slightly to one side can make your selfie look less like an I.D. photo, and more like a natural shot. Using photography’s ‘Rule of Thirds’ can help you snap a great picture, by bringing the focus of your photo to the area in an image where your eye naturally falls.

Control your portraits

The subtle blur on Portrait Mode can help you pop against the background of your selfie. Mostly all the smartphones now come with Portrait Mode allowing you to adjust the blur to your liking. And always remember, portrait mode works best when the subject can stand out against a busy background.

Don’t over-edit

Just like your parents have always told you: “you’re beautiful.” While editing apps are great, make sure you still look like yourself after you snap your selfie

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