Cloud Adoption In SMBs

Cloud adoption is enabling SMBs to create new, innovative ways of reaching and engaging with customers, which is translating to positive business impact.

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Cloud Adoption

Authored by : Divya Bishi


Cloud adoption is enabling SMBs to create new, innovative ways of reaching and engaging with customers, which is translating to positive business impact. Cloud computing is enhancing customer advocacy and loyalty for SMBs, and is enabling them to connect with potential customers in other parts of the country, and the world. SMBs in India are not only looking to capitalize on new and innovative technologies but also for its flexibility and openness. Along with increased market reach and profitability, the implementation of cloud in business helped SMBs to improve the employee productivity and operational processes. It is important to note the steep upward differential in gains when there is medium or high cloud adoption vis-à-vis merely using basic cloud services such as email, file storage, etc. This is significant as most SMBs feel that mere adoption of basic services is sufficient to make an impact. Helping SMBs address these challenges can contribute significantly to their growth, which in turn will contribute significantly to India’s socio-economic growth.

Several SMBs told that the usage of cloud technology provided them with the flexibility of using technology in the business and helped them get better control over their business.

Prabhakar Jayakumar, Country Director - India, DigitalOcean


“India is a home to over 50 million SMBs that contribute over 30% to India’s overall GDP. DigitalOcean is the cloud of choice for developers around the world to create modern applications. Cloud enables SMBs and entrepreneurs to quickly build, test and deploy their innovative applications and products. On the cloud, SMBs are able to more easily iterate their idea or concept before building a full-fledged product and eventually scale their business and build long term sustainable companies. So, it is not a surprise that in the last few years, we have seen a steady rise in the adoption of our cloud platform among SMBs in India.”

Joyjeet Bose, V P – SME, Tata Tele Business Services

" In today’s dynamic business environment, reliable and end-to-end connectivity plays a crucial role in infusing operational efficiency in organizations that are going through digital transformation.  Currently, a proactive approach towards adoption of and adaption to services like cloud computing among SMBs in India has been instrumental in significantly bringing down their CAPEX and OPEX. Having said that, there still exists a need to encourage and educate SMBs on devising strategies that would help them in designing a robust IT and communications infrastructure, allowing them to reap maximum benefits from these technologies”.


Sumit Peer, Founder & CEO, Aurelius Corporate Solutions

“Small and Medium Business are always in a quest to rationalize the way they manage their resources. Usage of new IT technologies is revolutionizing the rules for these businesses, resulting in structural transformation in this sector. Cloud computing is one such new technology which is an opportunity sought by the SMB in these difficult times and it could prove to be of immense benefit to them due to its flexibility and pay-as-you-go cost structure. This new computing approach relies on a number of existing technologies, e.g., the Internet, virtualization, grid computing, Web services, etc. This is one such area which affects IT infrastructure, network services, and applications. The provision of this service in a pay-as-you-go way through the popular medium of the Internet gives this service a new distinctiveness. This technology also explores the economic benefits of the new business model like cost reduction, creation of job positions and entrepreneurship promotion. Greek economy and their SME sector is one of the biggest case studies for us in this case”.

Ushasri Tirumala, Sr VP & G M, Manhattan Associates


“Cloud Infrastructure offers the flexibility, scalability and lower TCO (Total cost of ownership) option that SMBs need. Infrastructure scaling, maintenance and upgrading becomes easier with cloud infrastructure. It provides the ability to scale as per requirements and upgrades tend to be virtually a non-event. From a financial point of view, it is also economically better as they help in moving CapEx (Capital expenses) investments into OpEx (Operating expenses). SMBs can focus on the right strategy in the field rather than worrying about technology upgrades and changes. Cloud Infrastructure and solutions not only drive optimization but also provides superior value to SMBs, and make them competitive in the marketplace.”

Sapan Choksi, CEO, Systems Plus Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“Whether it is an MNC or SMB, if you want your organization's digital transformation efforts to succeed, you've got to bring cloud into the picture. CIOs often get caught up in the legacy mess and are confused about which practices to adopt for maximum scalability. The focus should be on building cloud systems that allow emerging technologies to be plugged in as they arise, and taking a one-step-at-a-time approach rather than digitizing entire IT infrastructures all at once. Having a data governance based strategy is also crucial, as it directly impacts the end consumer, and in turn, the business performance.”


 FarrhadAcidwalla, Founder, CYBERNETIV DIGITAL

"The previous year has seen an evident growth in the Indian SMB industry towards cloud adoption which offers clear advantages to organizations of all sizes. Small and medium enterprises can augment a lot of their processes and systems which will assist them in scaling up in the future. The bulk of organizations will definitively see a benefit to their response times and profitability. Those who dispute cloud adaptation by focusing on the fact that all cloud providers are not equal in their dedication to security are not to be dismissed. It is critical for SMBs to make sure they are aware of security implications and correctly integrate their systems into the cloud - without this, it is a disaster waiting to happen. "

Faisal Amin, Serial Entrepreneur (Media &Tech)


"As a serial entrepreneur whose business is based on the internet Cloud adoption can work wonder. Compared to larger organizations, cloud adoption can be dramatically beneficial. One of the major reasons for SMBs to adopt cloud storage method is that the financial benefits are undeniable. The technology also liberates businesses from the shackles of limited storage and memory imposed by external storage devices and computers. Moreover, the adoption of the cloud allows SMBs to focus more funds on increasing efficiency and augmented production."

Bhushan Kondurkar , CEO, Finacus Solutions Pvt. Ltd

"Cloud Computing is revolutionizing the way that SMBs do business. SMBs are increasingly appreciating the value of cloud based solutions and services in helping to address their key challenges. Cloud Technology is setting business owners free from their offices and enabling them to work flexibly.

Cloud based software solutions are developed with the aim of supporting a range of small and medium business needs, from staying on top of their finances to acquiring new customers. Awareness of cloud based solutions and services are growing in the small and medium business sector. Most of these applications provide well-established services, like email, creating a website and accepting payment.

Adoption of the Cloud looks likely to grow exponentially, as consideration levels are high. A majority of small and medium businesses today, are indicating that they are considering purchasing new cloud based solutions in the next 2-3 years creating opportunities for the total market for cloud-based software solutions to grow.