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The key to any organization’s success is quality manpower, which is the most difficult asset to find, build, and retain. Luckily, there’s software available to make the job of recruiting people easier. Moreover, it is now available in a SaaS-based cloud, so you don’t have to worry about setting it up, or about the hardware, software, or upgrade costs. You get the latest features all the time. It’s available from anywhere and on any device, including your mobile, so long as it can connect to the Internet. Most cloud based recruitment software can be customized with your company logo and name. Moreover, they allow job posting to your website as well as on different social media sites to promote job vacancies. You can import candidate profiles from your desktop, add notes to them, and even send replies from the recruitment software itself. All this helps you in identifying the best talent for your organization.

Cloud-based recruitment software today have become a complete management system that offer everything from marketing your jobs, to attracting candidates and managing the whole recruitment process. But here again, there are several cloud-based offerings, making the job of finding a suitable one for your organization quite challenging. Several factors need to be considered–the number of people you typically hire, your budget, and the nature of your business. Others include: whether it allows you to choose your own domain name, what sort of an interface does it provide for applicants, whether it allows applicants to post their resumes online in various formats, etc. After all, to draw the best talent, you need to have a professional looking interface that allows you to post your job requirements and allow applicants to submit their resumes.

Here, we’ve compared four cloud-based recruitment solutions.

JobPage-Applicant Tracking System and Social Recruitment Platform

A software to help you publish, promote, and track applications, so that you can finally recruit the right talent.

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JobPage is an on-demand recruitment software to help companies hire IT professionals directly, without the need to go to an agency. The software provides a very nice user interface, which is so easy to use that it can be used effectively even by a non-recruitment team member of your company. It provides you all the tools needed to recruit the best talent in for your company.

To post a job opening you need to register on their website and in a few clicks you can create an attractive job page according to your company’s need. Interested applicants can apply by answering a few questions. This is interesting, because the software does the first level of screening for you. Applicants can also add their LinkedIn account information along with their CV and email address. Using the JobPage recruitment service, you can promote your job opening to a number of social networking sites. It allows you to make your choice of sub-domain and publish your job there with your company name and logo on it.

You can create tasks and to-do lists to help you manage your recruitment more effectively. It does your job of marketing automatically by re-posting your jobs to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. For tracking applicants, it gives you an analytical view on how your jobs are performing and who has applied when, which makes this software more interesting and user-friendly. The recruitment team can rank candidates, which can be seen by other members to follow the best candidate for the job. You can search applicants, and send emails from the software itself.

JobPage offers five different plans for its customers. All can receive unlimited job CVs, can post jobs to social media websites, track jobs in Google Analytics, export candidate data, send jobs via email, and personalize emails to candidates. The first plan, Bootstrapper, costs 29€ per month and allows only one job opening. The second plan is called Startup, which allows you to open five jobs at a time for 99€ per month. Next is the Business plan, which costs 299€ per month, but allows 400 searches per month by the automatic candidate research tool and post 10 job openings. The fourth plan is Managed Services and costs 649€ per month. It includes 10 hrs of managed recruitment services. The last is Global Corp for 1500€ per month, which allows you to post up to 50 jobs a month.

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Zoho Recruit Applicant Tracking System

A module of the famous Zoho platform, this cloud-based service lets you import candidate profiles, forward resumes, schedule interviews, and much more

Zoho Recruit is a module of the Zoho platform, and one of the best cloud-based recruitment services with loads of features. Using Zoho Recruit, you can add and publish jobs easily. You can also import job openings that sound appealing. It allows you to import candidate profiles, something you don’t find in other recruitment software. Plus, you can forward candidate resumes, schedule interviews from the software, and give access permissions to a new or existing recruitment team. With Zoho Recruit, you can customize your company logo on your account and fields. It has email alert facility, which lets you send upto 250 emails a day. Initially Zoho Recruit gives you 1 GB of default storage, but that can be extended at an additional charge.

Zoho Recruit has a promising feature to restrict access from specific IP addresses. This means your trusted computers will only be able to access the recruitment service. A user can also manage a list of authorized websites that you have granted access to share your account information. You can import clients and contacts from Zoho CRM also. Zoho comes with a built-in chat option, where you can even make personal chat groups. The only area of concern is that it lacks in promoting your job to social media sites which is being offered by other recruiting solutions.

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Zoho Recruit comes in two editions–Free and Standard. The Free edition is only for a single organization, and allows you to post up to five job openings only. Here you will not get the option to customize fields or logo and you will get only 250 MB storage. The Standard edition costs $19 per month and offers all features of the free edition plus unlimited job postings for your organization, along with customization and 1GB storage space.


An on-demand application tracking and recruitment management system that lets you search candidates by skills, company, etc. Recruiterbox is an on-demand applicant tracking or recruitment management service from Aplopio technology. Recruiterbox is very useful for small businesses who do not want to spend on an expensive recruitment software, and also helps in focusing on hiring candidates rather than managing candidates, which saves a lot of time. It is best suited for startups or small companies that don’t have an HR team or hiring department. Anyone from your company can easily post job openings or track applicants.

Once you sign up with Recruiterbox, you can easily post and manage multiple job openings. Your hiring team can include unlimited members and it allows unlimited candidates to apply for the opening. The HR team can easily track selected applicants in different stages of hiring and they can also schedule interviews. Recruiterbox also allows you to search candidates by skills, company, name or email address and send notes to candidates which can be seen by all members of your hiring team. It can accept resumes in any format, HTML, Word, OpenOffice and text. It automatically detects duplicate candidates. Selected candidates can be contacted from your Recruiterbox itself, helping you to stay on your Recruiterbox page. It allows you to share the job opening through different social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook and also you can publish the job on your company website by only adding a widget to your site. However, it does not have the option to import or export candidates or job openings which Zoho does.

Recruiterbox has four different plans. All these allow unlimited users as part of your hiring team and unlimited candidates can apply for a job. The free edition allows you to post up to two job openings. The second edition is the starter pack for 50$/month where you can post maximum five job openings at a time. The next is the Plus edition which is best suited for medium size enterprises and costs 100$ per month. Here, you can post up to 10 openings. The last edition comes for 200$/month and allows you to post 20 openings at a time.

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This web-based recruitment service uses web 2.0 concepts like tags, ranking, etc to make the recruitment process more effective. Plus, it even has an app for the iPhone.

HRtable by BuroRH is a web-based recruitment service developed by using web 2.0 concepts like tags, ranking, search, HR blogs and personal job boards, making the recruitment software easier to use. The service has a user-friendly interface for applicant tracking and resume management services. The company also has a special iPhone application, which was missing in other recruitment services.

You can organize jobs, candidates and their resumes using HRtable recruitment service. It has a full-text and multi-criteria search engine for jobs, resumes and applications. They include a calendar and alerts for planning tasks in the hiring process. There’s an HR blog to make communication with candidates easier and a customizable job board which can include your company logo and name. You can even edit colors on your recruiter page.

HRtable can be integrated with your official website, and if you want to post and update job opportunities, the HRtable API allows you to do it easily. Today the HRtable API allows you to display on your website, not only job ads but also articles/entries that you published on your blog. It lets you publish the same job to Twitter and Facebook as well.

HRtable offers five different plans. The first one called Liberty and comes free to all. There’s no database provided with this plan and your recruitment team can have only 2 users at a time. The next plan is Eco Start, which costs anywhere up to 99€ per month. This one lets you store up to 25 contact details, 250 job offers, and 2500 CVs. The third plan is called Sourcing, which comes for 99€/ month and lets you have unlimited contacts apart from all Eco Start features. The next plan is called Recruiting and costs 129€/month. It provides unlimited job offers but the storage space provided is the same as the Recruiting plan. The last plan is Premium, which comes for 159€/ month. This one comes with unlimited contacts, upto 500 job offers and storage space for 5000 CVs.


Out of all the recruitment services, we found Recruiterbox to be the best for SMBs not only because of its low price, but also because of the advanced features it provides.

Cloud Based Recruitment Services Comparison






Resume Management

Unique email addresses per job, automatic job publication on Twitter and Facebook. Track job status and applicants. Create and publish job openings, generate report for openings. Create and publish job openings, import job openings.
Candidate Management Search candidates by keywords and filters, integration of Linkedin profiles, adding files, notes and documents to folders. See candidate list, rank candidates, and export candidate data. Bulk candidate upload, put labels, track hiring. Embed a candidate’s form on the website, bulk candidate import, forward resume to clients, schedule interview, track hiring.
Client and Contact management NA NA NA Import/export clients and their contacts.
User Management NA NA Add users, manage user permissions. Access permissions, add user details.
Product Customization Customizable HR site, integrated HR blog. Place company logo on the site. Place company logo on the site. Customize logo and custom fields.
Communication Promote jobs from Twitter and Facebook, automatic PDF generation. Promote jobs on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. PromSote jobs on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. Mass email alerts, Zoho chat.
Additional Features Mobile version with iPhone application. Publish jobs globally, URL shortner, track jobs in Google Analytics. Built-in report generation, display job openings on your site, accept resumes in all formats, detects duplicate candidates automatically. None.

Cloud Based Recruitment Services: — Pricing Structure





Option 1 – Free Edition

5 job openings, 250MB storage, candidate management, user management, import job openings and candidates, emails within Zoho Recruit. 2 job openings, unlimited users, email support, unlimited candidates, applicant tracking, customizable career page, candidate screening, generate reports. Liberty- Upto 2 users, can receive maximum 25 applications, HR customizable website, search tool, calendar, detailed statistics, Automatic distribution of ads. NA
Option 2 Standard Edition- 19$/Recruiter/Month, unlimited job openings, 1GB storage, 250 mails/day, product customization, Email integration costs 3$/recruiter/month. Starter Edition- 50$/month, 5 openings at a time. Eco start- 0-99€/ month, up to 2 users, 25 contacts, 250 job offers and storage of 2500 CVs, Liberty plan features. Bootstrapper- 29€/month, 1 job opening, unlimited CVs, applicant tracking system, post to social media sites, export candidate data, customization.
Option 3 Add-on: Extra 1GB storage – 3$/month, resume parser – 6$/Recruiter/month. Plus Edition- 100$/month, 10 job openings at a time. Sourcing- 99€/month, unlimited contacts, Eco start edition services. Startup- 99€/month, 5 job openings, automatic candidate research tool- 200 searches/month, use your own domain name.
Option 4 NA Jumbo Edition- 200$/month, 20 job openings at a time. Recruiting- 129€/month, upto 5 users, unlimited job offers, sourcing plan features. Business- 299€/month,10 job openings, 400 searches monthly.
Option 5 NA NA Premium- 159€/month, unlimited contacts, 500 job offers and 5000 CV storage. Managed Services- 649€/month, 10 hrs managed recruitment service.
Option 6 NA NA NA Global Corp- 1500€/month, 50 job openings, 1200 candidate searches monthly.

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