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The Indian IT industry has grown from $2 billion in export revenues in 1998
to nearly $50 billion today, and the target for 2020 is nearly $175 billion. The
last decade was a golden age for India Inc, which has seen more than 30 percent
year-on-year growth. However, the situation has changed now, and going by the
present conditions of the global economy, industry experts say that the growth
rate of India Inc could be in single digit or at the most slightly higher than
10 percent.

India Inc has been exploring many options and opportunities to accelerate the
growth in non-linear mode by delivering more with less. Cloud computing seems to
be a promising technology platform and delivery model which might accelerate the
non-linear growth — deliver more with less resources (human and computing

Cloud Computing services would impact the IT services business value chain
and orchestrating this business value chain to bring cloud flavor is the need of
the hour. The game is on and India Inc has to spend considerable amount of
effort and intellect time to transform India into a global leader in cloud
computing services Can India become a Global Leader in Cloud computing services?

Yes, India can become a global leader in offering Cloud Computing services to
global customers. The two key catalysts that can make this happen are:

1.  Assets

2.  Results

India has to invest in building best in class assets, which
would help achieve best in class results in cloud computing. To become a global
leader, getting revenue in short term does not suffice, so considerable
investments have to be made in building these assets, which would enable
transformation of India into a global leader In this article, I will cover only
the ASSETS part. India Inc has to invest some percentage of their revenue to
build best in class ASSETS in Cloud computing area

PMI’s Cloud Computing Project Management Conference

PMI at India (PMI India organization )
and its seven chapters in India (PMI Team India) are arranging for a
multi-city round table event on “Project Management for Cloud Computing
services” on 7th Aug 2010 (Saturday) at Bangalore. The objective of this is
to establish a ‘Cloud Computing Projects Management Council” to contribute
for building a Service Delivery Engine by involving Industry, academia and
government. PMI India also has plans to invest on some of the research
projects in project management space specific to Cloud computing area.

ASSET 1: Cloud Computing Services Portfolio
Most of the debates, discussions and information about cloud computing are
centered around technology like infrastructure virtualization, applications
virtualization, service-oriented architecture, multi-tenant architectures, grid
computing, and metering tools etc. Understanding these aspects is very critical
and important. At the same time service providers like India Inc have to spend
considerable time in conceptualizing different types cloud computing services.
It is not just conceptualization; investments also have to be made to build
robust assets for each service. Following are a few representative services for
which service providers could invest. It is the choice of the service provider
to choose all three type of services as mentioned below or any one or
combination of them as appropriate.

ASSET 2: Service Delivery Engine for Cloud Services
In the IT Services business for the last three decades, India Inc has
evolved from “people provider” to “service provider” to “partner” to “trusted
advisor” (to global customers). This is quite a long journey. To become a global
leader in Cloud Computing services space, India Inc has to start providing
high-end services to customers as trusted advisor. This helps is generating
considerable downstream revenue to India Inc and also business value to

Cloud Computing Services Portfolio

Project Management acts as catalyst in building the robust
service delivery engine to deliver BETTER, FASTER and CHEAPER services in the
areas of Cloud Brokerage services, Public cloud computing services and Private
cloud computing services to global customers.

For any IT service (including cloud computing services) if
the supporting project management engine is not built, probability of success is
very low and there is no assurance of repeat success. It is important for India
Inc to identify the portfolio of different services in Cloud Computing space and
build the necessary project management assets ahead of the other countries. This
is a transformation journey and which country starts first and move fast will be
the winner!

ASSET 3: Resource Capability to deliver Cloud Computing
All over the world, IT service providers have been facing serious challenges
in getting best in class talent in general. Considering the complexity and
emerging status of Cloud Computing, it is very important for India Inc to put
innovative strategies to build the best in class talent. Capacity building and
competency building engines have to be built to offer best in class cloud
computing services.

V. Srinivasa Rao, Chairman — PMI Team India, and VP & Head— Oracle Practice,
Mahindra Satyam,

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