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Cocoberry, a New Delhi based frozen yogurt chain is said to be India’s first premium yogurt chain. Established just two years back, Cocoberry already has a fan following of 1,19,736 on its official page on Facebook. Cocoberry is utilizing this platform and behaving like a live entity that listens to its customers, caters to their needs and even responds back in the shortest possible time. It is quite an example that proves that it’s not just a Facebook page that a business should cash in on, but it is the entire strategy around how they are going to use social media in the best possible way, that makes all the difference.

Cocoberry in the social media space

‘Cocoberry is using its official page for various activities that range from marketing to customer care to market research. Cocoberry had conceptualized and developed their Facebook page, on the launch of its very first store itself.

Marketing : In case there is an announcement like introduction of a new product, launch of a new store, and any other such activities, besides mediums like PR, advertisements, etc, Cocoberry takes up social media as the pivotal medium to reach out to its consumers. The whole idea is to present the activities in as exciting way as possible, so that the fans virally spread it, at their own will, by re-sharing it.

Customer care: Cocoberry also uses its Facebook page as a transparent door between the consumers and itself, leveraging the platform to behave as an entity that responds to customer queries in shortest possible time. G.S. Bhalla, Founder & CEO, Cocoberry says, ‘It helps us to better understand the consumers’ psyche and interests, and entertain their queries. This gives the customers satisfaction and makes them emotionally connected with the brand.’

Market Research: Facebook has enabled consumers to say what’s on their mind right on the page of a particular product/service. And hence, now it is not as difficult for a brand to understand what its consumers think about it. With Cocoberry, such trail of comments left by fans revolving around the experience they have had with Cocoberry, is being utilized to better understand the consumers’ changing demands, and interests. This also helps them serve the consumers better in terms of service and quality.

Keeping fan base hooked through Facebook

‘A look at Cocoberry’s official page on Facebook is an example of how they are using a mix of videos, photos, events and wall posts to keep their fans hooked to their page and get their constant attention.

Wall posts : A look at Cocoberry’s wall shows that it is flooded with customer queries on things starting from opening of outlets in different locations to queries on availability of different flavours. And the interesting thing here is the quick responses posted by Cocoberry to all these queries which make them keep coming back. Also company keeps promptly posting updates.

Photos and videos : There is quite a lot of activities in terms of photos and videos that have been posted by Cocoberry on its page. A look at the photos section will make you realize how well they utilize it by posting images of Cocoberry Wallpaper calendars, Bollywood’s Cocoberry fans and images of Cocoberry outlets in various places. All these have received quite a response from its fans, in the form of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on these wall posts, all of which are valuable insights for the brand.

Not only this, the Videos section includes Cocoberry’s Television commercials and coverage on various television channels.

Berry Club : A special section has been created on Cocoberry’s page, called the ‘Berry Club’ which coaxes the fans to join the club and in turn earn points, avail special offers, and get invited to special events like premiers, concerts, etc.

Events and poll: Events section has also been effectively leveraged on various occasions ranging from, ‘Fan of the month’ , ‘Berry Berry B’day’, etc. A Poll section has also been created that asks you to vote for your favourite Cocoberry flavour. Both events and polls are interesting ways to keep the fans interested and hooked with the brand.

Managing the Facebook presence

Cocoberry has a dedicated social media team which is solely dedicated to the purpose of managing its Facebook presence. Developments by the brand are regularly updated on the network. Queries are answered on per hour basis and regular communication has been maintained by the social media team, with no communication gap even during the weekends.

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