CoD Warzone crossed the 30 million mark within 10 days

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Maybe it’s the quarantine, or maybe it is the gameplay, but CoD Warzone is giving all the other Battle Royales a run for their money, especially Apex. Activision has announced on Twitter that the game has crossed 30 million players within 10 days of launch. 

Apex Legends had reached 50 million players in just less than 30 days. In comparison, CoD Warzone has reached about 60% of that count in 33% of the time. If things go on like this, Warzone will surely outdo Apex. 

What makes this possible is the fact that it’s not only the new players that are flocking to the game, old veterans and fans of the Call of Duty franchise are also jumping in. Another fact to consider is that at release, Warzone was available on all platforms; PS4, Xbox One and PC with crossplay. Apex only released for PC first, and then the consoles. 

CoD Warzone has also made things simpler when it comes to loot and inventories. You do not need to find attachments for weapons. Instead, you can find different tiers for same weapons on the map; higher the tier, more the attachments. The inventory has been extremely simplified to, and the Gulag as a respawn mechanic is just really creative. 

The care packages, or loadout drops as they are called, are completely customisable as well. You can select various weapons and attachments in the game menu, and when you are actually playing, you can select which loadout you want from the drops. The attachments for the weapons unlock as you level up as it has been in previous CoD games. But if you are new, you can select any of the available default loadouts which have fully kitted weapons.  

All this simplicity and customisation set this game apart from the rest and have proven to be quite successful if you look at the numbers. 

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