CoDm Game Guide: Excel in the Free for All Mode

The free for all mode in Call of Duty: Mobile is very intense. This CoDm game guide will help you get the best out of it in every situation.

Boudhaditya Sanyal
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This free for all mode in Call of Duty: Mobile mode pegs you and 9 other players on a server to battle it out to see who is the best of all. It is every man for himself in this mode. You need to be extremely aware while playing this mode because there is no teammate and ally.


Ideal Loadouts

It is very important in this new Free for All game mode to choose the right gun setup. Check out our Loadouts Guide to help you choose the best in the other modes as well. Of all the loadouts we tested while playing, the best one for us turned out to be:

AKS-74U + Knife


A number of PDW-57 fans would disagree with this choice, but our rationale is based on the actual gameplay rather than the on-paper statistics. The PDW setup, even the fully upgraded one, had almost double the Time-to-Kill as compared to the AKS setup recommended below. The reason behind this is the significant damage dropoff as the PDW has less range than the AKS.

The AKS-74U has a ridiculous amount of damage for an SMG, not to mention the mobility, both while hip firing and ADS-ing. The only thing you have to be concerned about is the spray. The solution? Burst not more than 12-15 bullets at a time. As we are going for Mobility in this loadout, the knife as the secondary is the way to go. Never Forget- You always run faster with a knife. You can alternatively use any pistol as your secondary too if you want.

Where to Invest Your In-game Currency?


While it is a difficult time to put one upgrade against another, the secret sauce is preference. Nonetheless, you cannot go wrong with these pointers.

Bullet Upgrades

The increased damage per bullet will take fewer bullets to kill your enemy, hence increasing the chance of getting more kills with less effort required. Win-Win, maybe not for your enemies in the game, but definitely for you.


Foregrip and Extended Magazines

Anything that increases the accuracy of the weapons should be a top priority of the players who want to excel in the game. Foregrips will increase the accuracy of any weapon it is attached to, and you can hit back to back headshots even while spraying the enemy with bullets. Extended Mags are great, they help with getting multiple kills without the hassle of reloading. If we had a penny for all the times, we could’ve gotten that ‘1 more kill’ if we didn’t have to reload.

Red-Dot Sight

The Holographic sight and the Tactical Scope might give you increased range, but they will also hinder the line of sight on your screen – The Red Dot provides the best of both worlds. Gives you a clear target to hit without impeding your ADS speed or taking up too much screen real estate.

The Free for All mode can be intense, and it can change a number of things in your approach towards the game. Mastering this mode will help you analyse the game better and enhance your skills based on your analysis. The game can be very fun if played with the right mindset rather than getting all toxic and cursing other players.