Companies integrating AI to build innovative solutions

Ashok Pandey
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Unlocking the Potential of Generative AI in Cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence has seeped into our lives and how. AI based Virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa are great for entertainment, whereas e-commerce portals are utilising the full potential of AI by automating the recommendation system. Automated AI based vehicles seem to be a near possible reality in common life soon, and not just in experiments. AI has also strengthened the security system through image and facial recognition. It is also being used in healthcare systems for medical diagnosis. We are all aware of chatbots that have made customer service really easy. Here are some companies that have integrated AI to build innovative solutions and automated our lives:



Veris is one of the world's fastest-growing workplace management companies and a trusted partner for businesses as well as enterprises across 22 countries. On a relentless mission to bring the workplace experience into the 21st century, Veris has revolutionized workplaces for businesses across scales, including global giants, among others. Veris is globally recognized among the top 10 companies in its domain. Veris is the partner that redefines on-demand servicing, security, access, and governance in the physical world. Starting with workplaces and commercial real estate, it transforms your journey into a personalized narrative. Interactions turn into conversations, long queues become swift check-ins, and different systems speak the same language, all thanks to mindful integration of technology and AI.



Payoda Technology is a well-known name in the field of AI-based solutions. HealthView X, one of its products, is one of the most sought-after AI-based solutions in the healthcare area. Its cutting-edge clinical care orchestration technology allows clinicians and patients to access all medical information on a single platform. It also provides a Value-based Care Application Suite, which provides chronic care management, primary care management, and remote patient monitoring to patients. They have also revolutionized the BFSI sector with solutions such as Blockchain and IoT-based solutions, among others. They have also developed technologies to detect and eventually prevent fraud in the field of cybersecurity.


Mirasys is a pioneer in the video surveillance and analytics market, with unparalleled expertise in the cutting-edge use of AI technology, real-time analytics, object recognition, and predictive insights, providing unmatched business intelligence and security that is highly accurate. Mirasys has established itself as a valuable partner in the public and government sectors, particularly Smart & Safe City, Oil & Gas, and transportation, as a result of a strong emphasis on data privacy and ethical AI usage. Mirasys solutions are used in critical areas such as religious institutions and the courts, as well as retail shop chains and outlets and industries such as manufacturing, logistics, educational institutes, sports, entertainment, banking, utility, healthcare, and so on. The video surveillance and analytics pioneer has already established Use Cases across multiple industries, with notable successes including solutions for societal concerns such as Women Security, accident detection, and Pothole Detection.


With AI based systems, it can set up recurring payments that can be automatically deducted weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or even yearly. This recurring payment method makes one of the most distinguishedplatforms and can be helpful in many sectors. One can pay salaries of employees, EMIs, bills, and also payments to vendors. When compared to more traditional ways of payment, same-day payment is a guaranteed B2B recurring auto-debit option with a substantially higher success rate. Furthermore, it allows for timely payment, avoiding the application of late fees. It ensures quick payments without requiring human intervention by offering a variety of payment choices such as ACH, UPI, cards, and other digital formats such as WhatsApp, link push, and directly through the site. It has direct interface with about eight banks.