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This wireless broadband router that supports a wireless print and webcam server, pseudo VLANs, fault tolerance and load balancing is for small offices. It can act as a wireless web cam or print server, for which it has two USB ports. You must upgrade its firmware to obtain the wireless webcam server functionality. In this mode, it can only act as a monitoring device, accessible over a wireless link; it won’t function as the regular broadband router. For the router part, it has a four port 10/100 Mbps switch for the internal network, and another port to connect to your WAN link. Another useful feature is the wireless pseudo VLAN. Like on a wired Ethernet network, this allows you to create VLANs amongst wireless clients. So, wireless clients connected to one VLAN won’t be able to connect to those on another VLAN. There are two modes in this, per node and per group wireless pseudo VLAN. In the first, there would be one wireless client connected per VLAN, while in the latter, it would be a bunch of wireless clients per VLAN. This ensures data privacy between individual clients on the wireless network. It also has WDS (Wireless Distribution System) wherein it can connect to other wireless access points to extend the wireless range. The router also supports fault tolerance and load balancing. In the first case, if the router fails, control will automatically be transferred to another router. In the latter, if the number of wireless users connected to the router exceeds a threshold, the router will transfer the extra users to another router. 

Coming to performance, it gave a throughput of 5 Mbps between a wireless client and a machine connected to its internal network port, which is good. Its latency was also okay at 4 ms. It fared better than the other two routers in the streaming test, yielding a throughput of 513.918 Kbps. Its resistance to interference was also quite good, as it gave its usual throughput even with an interfering Bluetooth device in between. Overall, this is a good choice for small offices, or even for a public hot spot, given all its features. Well, worth the Rs15k price tag. 

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