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  • Tone generator:
    Generates DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) tones and call progress

  • Echo canceller:
    Performs echo cancellation on sampled, full-duplex voice signals.

  • Voice activation
    : This module monitors the received signal for
    voice activity. When no activity is detected for a pre-determined period
    of time, the software informs the packet voice protocol. This prevents
    the encoder output from being transmitted across the network when there
    is silence, thus preventing unwanted network traffic.

  • Tone detector:
    Detects the received DTMF tones and performs voice/fax detection.
    Detected tones are relayed to the host equipment, so that the
    appropriate speech or fax function can be activated.

  • Voice codec:
    Compresses voice data for transmission over the network.

  •  Adaptive playout unit:
    This unit buffers the voice packets received from the network and sends
    them to the voice codec for playback. It stores the received packets
    till all of them are received, thus eliminating jitter.

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